Yaşar Erdem - Kışlada Bahar (Ibibikler) b/w Çile Bende Dert Bende

I found this Turkish 45 by Yaşar Erdem in a Virginia thrift store, years ago. Not sure when it was originally released. I can tell you that Kişlada Bahar means Spring in the Barracks, and that “ibibikler” is the Turkish word for the hoopoe bird. According to Google, Çile Bende Dert Bende translates roughly to I Was Annoyed I Worry.

Release Information
Year: Unknown.
Country: Turkey.
Label: Palandöken Plak.
A: Kışlada Bahar (Ibibikler)
B: Çile Bende Dert Bende
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  1. nicholab says:

    i think thrift store finds are my favorite posts to make…

  2. a guy from türkiye (anatolia) says:

    cile bende dert bende means: i have a lot of problems..like i have so much trouble on my mind…

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