The Homestead Act - Gospel Snake

A lively helping of oddball private-press Americana from short-lived 70’s California country combo The Homestead Act, two of whom; Elmo & Patsy, cashed-in years later and recorded the infamous downhome-styled holiday smash “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”. The cover tracks on here are dynamite, with heady swirls of killer steel guitar licks abundant throughout. And FYI, the red hot session band features the oft-revered¬†Steve Young at the top of its marquee. Vinyl rip by yours truly.

Release Information
Year: 1972.
Country: USA.
Label: Kim-Pat.
Side A
1. Traveling Kind
2. Many Rivers
3. Gospel Snake
4. Limehouse Blues
5. My Oklahoma
6. The White Trash Song

Side B
1. Lady Madonna
2. When the Sun Don't Shine
3. Devil In Disguise (aka Christine's Tune)
4. Hog Call Rag
5. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
6. Ya'll Come
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  1. Holly says:

    Nick, I am *loving* this. Thank you ever, ever so much! Given “Grandma Got Runover” is 1 of my least favorite songs ever, this is…mindblowing. Mind blown.

  2. Duncanmusic says:

    The Steve Young of Seven Bridges Road fame? REALLY? From before or after Stone Country on RCA? The name might be too common. I’ll DL and listen and get back to you…

  3. Duncanmusic says:

    The same Steve Young who wrote Seven Bridges Road? Who also played with Stone Country on RCA?

  4. Duncanmusic says:

    Wow! It IS THAT Steve Young? AWonder where this came from? Have to dig out my copy of his post A7M and Warner Bros LPs on Maountain Railroad Records and see if any of these folks are there… I’ll let you know. Thanks for filling in a hole I didn’t know I had!

  5. bnrsstlfr says:

    Wow. Great stuff.

  6. Herve Gabriel Aguirre says:

    Flac down?

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