The Falcons - You're So Fine : The Falcons' Story Part One

“The Falcons were certainly one of the most underrated and unappreciated of the hundreds of vocal groups who recorded rhythm and blues in the mid-to-late 1950’s. Usually ignpred by ardent fans of r&b group harmony who preferred the smooth stylings of the Moonglows, Five Keys, or Spaniels to the rougher, gospel-tinged tones of the Falcons, the guys from Detroit are more often venerated for the great lead singers who once sang with the group. How many other r&b groups could boast both an Eddie Floyd and a Wilson Pickett, not to mention the great Joe Stubbs, lead on “You’re So Fine,” or Mack Rice, later of “Mustang Sally” fame?…

This, the first Falcons’ album ever, spotlights the versatility and talent of Eddie Floyd and Joe Stubbs, two powerful lead voices who could shine on any kind of r&b songs. Whether it be traditional group harmony ballads, jumps, or the gospel-influenced melodies of “You’re Mine” or “You’re So Fine,” the raw talent and professionalism of the group are evident….[T]his LP contains ten unreleased songs by the group from their first recording sessions in the late fifties.” (Cover Notes)

“Often credited as having cut the first true soul record in 1959 with “You’re So Fine,” a host of ’60s soul stars called themselves Falcons at one time or another, including founder Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Sir Mack Rice, and 100 Proof Aged in Soul’s Joe Stubbs. Originally an integrated R&B group headed by Floyd, the Falcons debuted on Mercury in 1955. Under the production aegis of Robert West, the Falcons’ sound became more gospel-based as time passed, and with Stubbs as lead, the seminal “You’re So Fine” was a major hit in 1959.” – Bill Dahl

Rare & killer r&b from Detroit’s Falcons, whom, retrospectively, can easily be considered something of an early soul supergroup. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Release Information
Year: 198x.
Country: USA.
Label: Flick.
1. You're So Fine 2:27
2. Please Don't Leave Me Dear 2:13
3. Just For Your Love 2:12
4. (When) You're In Love 2:33
5. Girl Of My Dreams 2:02
6. LetItBeMe 2:29
7. Goddess Of Angels 2:47
8. Sent Up 2:37
9. You're Mine 2:17
10. Baby That's It 2:13
11. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere 2:04
12. I Wonder 2:27
13. Juke Hop 1:45
14. No Time For Fun 1:57
15. Whose Little Girl Are You 2:22
16. I'll Never Find Another Girl Like You 2:09
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