Shajariyan-Payvar Ensemble - Dashti

“Siamak Shajarian born in the city of Mashad in northeastern Iran, is arguably the most accomplished Persian traditional singer living in the United States. He has performed with such masters as Jalil Shanaz, Faramarz Payvar, Mohammad Ali Kiani-nejad, Mohammad Esmaeli, and Farhang Sharif. Shajarian’s public musical life began when he was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts in Mashhad at age eleven. He inherited his talents in singing from his father and in calligraphy from his mother. He studied the Persian vocal art (avaz) and its Radif with Ghafoorian and Gholam Hossein Zahiredini, and completed his studies under the direction of his brother, Mohammad Reza Shajarian and Esmaeel Mehrtash. In addition to mastering the vocal Radif of Persian traditional music, Shajarian has also studied Tar, Santur and Tombak.

In 1977, he moved to the United States. Soon after he joined Oshagh Ensemble and gave numerous concerts across the U.S. and Canada… Currently he lives in Los Angeles where he teaches Persian traditional vocal Radif.” (Source)

Quite the stirring traditional Persian (by way of California) sounds. This old tape was a discerning thrift score recently mailed out west by my cousin Jess in Savannah, GA. Good looking out! Big thanks also to Mr. Saadoun Al-Bayati for the helpful phonetic assistance with the Farsi up above. 320 mp3 transfer by yours truly.

Release Information
Year: 1989.
Country: USA + Iran.
Label: Taraneh Enterprises.
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  1. LolaRadio says:

    truly beautiful music. Thanx.
    Still not interested in alBalabil?
    greetz Gerrit

  2. Hammer says:

    Good soundages. Always new.
    Thanks a bunch and a bundle.

    Note: The website Megaupload seems to have got itself in a bittle of a snarklin’ problem with the FB-Fuckin’-I good sir; the download link does show some infree-ngements of the law stated along with their attributive penal codes.
    Gah… Hotfile + Deposit File mirror drops good, nevertheless.


  3. Anonymous says:

    holywarbles is gone? what happened? i know you guys are buddies…wtf??

    i love you guys, some of the best blogs on the net…hope the man isn’t taking you guys down too!!! fuck.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is HolyWarbles down?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Holy Warbles is gone. If that’s true, it’s a sad, sad day.

    Anyone know anything about it?

  6. flyingburrito says:

    nicholab, do you know whats happened to holy warbles?

  7. Kelly says:

    anyone know what happened to the enlightening and fantastic holywarbles blog?! I am so sad, this blog as well as ghostcapital turned me on to things i would have never heard or bought. unbeleievably.

  8. lostNsound says:

    GhostCapital, thank you, thank you.
    I have been listening to your mixes non-stop. Please,please build more.

  9. hi- was curious if you new what was up w/ holywarbles? it says that the blog is no longer available when i try to goto it? i hope its not true- any info you might have would be greatly appreciated- thnx

  10. Anonymous says:

    Holy Warbles deleted by blogger.
    where will it end, where will it end

    Ratje Toe Richard

  11. nicholab says:

    Its true. Owl’s brilliant spot was sadly jackbooted yesterday afternoon. A proper RIP will go up here tonight. And a fresh Holy*Ghost mixtape is in the works…Keep the faith, friends. We can believe in the resurrection to come.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Nicholab – thanks for keeping us in the loop interwebswise & holywarblewise

    Ghostcapital & HW have been an education.

    Don’t want to lose ya!?


  13. Anonymous says:

    vote owl/nicholab 2012!

  14. Moon Ra says:

    I agree with all of the above. And thank you for this Awesome Tape From Iran !

  15. Hammer says:

    Sad, riveting tale, indeed.
    If Holywarbles’ blogsite was down, then that must have been him playing online-hero again. I think this guy resembles the typical on-line troll, whose uploads were mostly ‘copied’ from other, already-established weblogs like this one here. I saw many of his ups as mere CCs. Nothing else.
    Well, if Nick herein hasn’t been given the ‘boot treatment’, that’s for sure ’cause he keeps a viable on-line life of normalcy. Not blowin’ the e-chest for the boys (and, the lawnley grr-ls).

    All said. Keep on keepin’ on.


  16. nicholab says:

    @Hammer— I always appreciate your helpful clarifications and enthusiamsSenor Hammer. Regarding Owls curations, though: My man is a genius. Resourcefully culled from ever conceivable corner of wherever, Owls selections have been nothing short of visionary, sublime and deeply educational. I’m saying — His spot was magic.

  17. Whizzdumb says:

    Bah, the last crawl of the Internet Archives on Holy Warbles dates way back to the 11th of May 2011.
    Well, at least it is something.

    Fully agree with your last post on Owl. Keep up the good work!

  18. Pultron says:

    I’m with nicholab on this. I’ve seen many blogs and countless old school BBSs, but Holy Warbles was truly among the absolute best: vision, consistency, curation. The owl is dearly missed.

  19. Wilder Knochenmann says:

    Hey Nick, in light of Owl’s troubles, I wanted to take a moment to properly thank you (and, by extension, Owl) for sharing all these fine grooves these many years. From David Hammond to Fikret Kizilok to Chrissy Zebby Tembo, you have enriched my musical life, and goodness knows how many others. My kid, for one, is growing up with these cultural riches in a way that would not have been possible even five years ago. The curation and responsible access you guys provide is nothing short of amazing. I’m sorry y’all are catching hell for it now, but I for one am awfully grateful for what you’ve done and sure hope you can keep on keepin’ on one way or another. It would be a shame to lose you and the virtual rope bridge you offer to these distant and/or forgotten artists. At the end of the day most of us will find our own little musical corners one way or another; the more permanent loss is to the artists who fewer and fewer folks will ever hear. A large part of the beauty in listening to these records is the awareness that it is something of a miracle to be doing so in my time and place. As one of the facilitators of said miracle, you have my sincere thanks and admiration.

  20. Ere transat says:

    Too bad for Holywarbles wonderful discoveries … sound …

    Hoping the Phoenix reborn from the ashes …
    Freedom of discovery on the web!
    Let the sound open world

    The music still resonates when shut off internet

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ghost..for some more Persian music (and other stuff) keep tabs here.

    and thanks for this…..about to give it a blast, the sample song is a beauty.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m having problems with Multiupload. Would it be a problem if I’d ask for another link? The sample’s really got me interested.

  23. Hammer says:

    @Anon: Yes, as a fallout from the whole shebang that was the Megaupload crackdown… the multi-link site was shut down. The link will never open, because it gets ‘timed out’. Meaningly, its servers are shut down.

    Still, and in a more hopeful tone: Mediafire works fine, along with which are the main two uploader sites for this exceptionally useful Farsi music weblog:
    It’s amazing what one can find there. Enjoy the trip. (Keep a Google Translate page open and handy-dandy just in case).
    Also, and in the same vein comes this less-scintillating blog: which has so many downloadable links (Mediafires mostly), that feature rare Persian music worth giving a listen to. One needs to search and look further on in this vast land of Blogistan. Who knows, but the days of open sharing will soon come to a halt. So, quick grab’em while you may.

    Finally and @Nick: Sharity FTW?
    I remember once asking you to reup that link by Saadoun Al-Bayati. His rare album I found at Fileserve. Here’s the link for those of you who also happen to enjoy Iraqi music (which is based on Iranian chords and music).



  24. Hammer says:


    Also dig this blog from Iran:

    Do be warned, though as some links are dead/404’d. Mediafires and Rapidshares only. You need to keep awn searchin’ like a Persian pearl diver does looking for pearls.

    Music raks!


  25. Hammer says:

    Erp, but therago ‘gain:

    Just statin’ the ob ‘ere: if you’re into Persian/Iranian music and you don’t know of the ultimate source of that wonderful music, namely; … then mang dang bang! You are a nooblet!

    Jus’ sayin’ or thought I must.

    Funjoy ‘ereyone.


  26. Anonymous says:

    Is the ghost capital done too? Awful quiet here since holy warbles went away. Say it ain’t so!!

  27. Anonymous says:

    ah man…all the good blogs are gone or gone quiet. i pray that you guys will return. the internet is miserable bland these days.
    whatever happens, once again, million thanks for all the music!

  28. Hammer says:

    This post’s on the same comment trail, even if stretching it a bit ‘ere… I thought I had to share this with the rest of you, as I’ve stumbled upon a very useful website for good and easy downloadable Persian music (albums abound, all Mediafires which makes it better and neater).


    So great, so wonderful! It contains for example, 17 albums, all downlaodable (no dead-ass links), by say… Abdolvahwab Shahedi alone! Oh hell yeah! Even the graphs are not bad unlike many Persian blogs and websites, this Persian Allure portal comes top in my cool book.
    The recipe is easy: sign in using a valid email (as this is a multi-thread collaborative forum for members-only), then after activating the account, get yer ass back to the site… click on ‘Music Archive’, then go down to ‘Full Albums’ (figgit the singles as they are almost all new-releases which spells bleh). And, Bob’s yer uncle.

    This is the age of the Media… fire?

    Who knows.

    T/c H/f


  29. dS says:

    has Ghostcapital given up the ghost? say it ain’t so!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    where did holy warbles go?
    and what will that maestro do next?
    and what’s up with ghost capital?
    What will this maestro do next?
    we need you.

    love from europe.

  31. AmbroseBierce says:

    Any chance for a re-up?

    Thanks a lot anyway…

  32. yes i would love a reup too … thanks a lot.

  33. i would love a reup too. Thanks a lot.

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