Samira Taoufik - Samira Taoufik
Release Information
Year: (unknown).
Country: Lebanon.
Label: Duniaphon (Manufactured in Germany).
Side 1:
Ghannou Ya Hbab
Wein El-Ahd
Ouyouni Aleik
Ya Hasrita Al-Wafa

Side 2:
Ya Al-Asmarani
Al Ain Téoul Lel-Ein
Wein Moucharrek
Ya Awlad El-Halal
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  1. StuartWalsh says:

    absolutely farkin’ love this!

  2. hythammer says:

    Greetings, Nick
    The label (Duniaphon) was actually French. What’s made in Germany, though was the LP/platter itself. It was issued also on the EMI label (Ghannou Ya H’bab – Greece S.A.), among many other reissues, mostly in 1977. It’s also available on CC (Compact Cassette).
    Samira is; without parallel, a very well-known pan-Arabic singer of Lebanese descent. She sang most of her famous songs in neighbouring countries like Syria, and Jordan (where she still comes to visit from time to time).
    The songs are:
    A1 Ghannou Ya Hbab – Sing Dear Ones.
    A2 Wein El-Ahd – Where Is Your Promise.
    A3 Ouyouni Aleik – I Set My Eyes on You.
    A4 Ya Hasrati Al Wafa – Woe Begone, The Faithfulness.
    B1 Yal-Asmarani – O’ Dark-Skinned Handsome Man.
    B2 Al Ain Téoul Lel-Ain – My Eyes Speak to Your Eyes.
    B3 Wein Moucharrek – Where Are You Heading East/Gone.
    B4 Ya Awlad El-Halal – Hey, Good Folks.

  3. Drapetomania says:

    Thank you so much, please if you have more of Samira share it, Please

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