Ninjaman + Pliers - New Throat Fe Chat b/w Let's Make a Deal

A left-field electro dancehall banger from the notoriously slack Don Gorgon, aka Ninjaman. Produced by L. Dennis, this Flatbush imprinted 12″ is something of forgotten cutout in Ninja’s extensive, and often controversial, singles cannon. A rugged club jack beat frames this free-styled open “telegram” to all the wacker-than-he entertainers of the day. Of note: This might also be the best-ever reuse of C+C Music Factory’s big vocal hook. B/w some lover’s rock from Pliers. Party time selectors– Used wisely, this one could be an ace up your sleeve!

Release Information
Year: 1990?.
Country: Jamaica.
Label: Fast Lane Records (USA).
Side A (Ninjaman) 1. New Throat Fe Chat 2. Chat Riddim Side B (Pliers) 1. Let's Make a Deal
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  1. dub_me says:

    Yeah! This a special tune – and banger for sure! Old favourite… thanks for sharing some quality flac…

  2. editor_b says:

    Thanx as always.

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