Nguashi N'Timbo with L'Orchestre Festival of Zaire - Shauri Yako

“Shauri Yako” is a stone classic of Congolese {Zairian} popular music. The song has been treated to many excellent renditions, but is the original, composed by Nguashi N’Timbo and released in the very early 1980s. This record can be fairly tough to come by. I’m unsure about the other versions (of N’Timbo’s original)that I’ve seen about the blogosphere, but my copy is Zambian pressed. Must say, I’m feeling pretty good about the transfers of Shauri Yako & Simakala. The second parts of the second tracks (on both sides), however, each have hums from a vinyl distortion that developed as the needle neared the center of the record. So it goes. Enjoy!

Release Information
Year: 1981?.
Country: Congo (Zaire).
Label: ASL.
Side A
1. Shauri Yako, pt. 1 & 2
2. Mami, pt. 1 & 2

Side B
1. Simakala, pt 1 & 2
2. Kabu, pt. 1 & 2
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  1. gilhodges says:

    I’m fairly hyperventilating over this. Captures the soukous sound just before it was to become so slickly overproduced in the Parisian studios. Nothing but warmth here! The guitar is back in still back in the mix and bass is up front. When those positions switched, the music lost something. Thank you so much!

  2. walkingtrees says:

    thanks for sharing nick. any scores from the seattle venture?

  3. This looks great, many thanks!
    Love soukous – and yes, i love that slick Parisian sound, too. There’s no better music to get your party on high-speed than putting on some Diblo Dibala or the like!

  4. satanarchy says:

    title track is sick! SUMMER SONG! Thanks

  5. matt says:

    Thanks. I also bought a Zambian copy in Lusaka back in 1990. Heres my post on the song including the translation:

  6. magogiallo says:

    this one looks really interesting, unfortunatly it is not possible to DL flac free because is up to 200 mega any chance for a different mirror THANK YOU

  7. Anonymous says:

    I just got fired last week. And yet, I feel it’ll all be alright. Your blog certainly has something to do with that. Seriously. Thank you so much.

  8. nicholab says:

    @magogiallo — sorry about that, sir. ive been shopping around (with limited success) for a good free large-file host ever since that crummy megaupload debacle. I think I found it in Adrive, and have just switched out the flac link above to this a new location:

    @walkingtrees — I did a-ok at wall of sound and jive time. no time for more than that. next time…thanks for the dolo! ps, i’m blogrolling you after i’m finished up right here.

    @satanarchy — hell yezzz!

    @matt — many, many thanks for all the great info! i’m just about to edit some of your more quotable moments into hotlinks to your fine locale.

    @elpeurcorojo — right on. now, ima look into this dibala stuff, quick-sharp.

    @anonymous — bummer dude. glad to know my efforts have been of some spiritual assistance. stay gold, brover!

  9. magogiallo says:

    Thank You very much Nicholab to give a chance…and so fast!!

  10. dial africa says:

    The greatest gift this summer!
    Thank you so much!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    This album is wonderful. Thanks very much!!

  12. On the road without much internet, so missed the FLAC version of this exquisite recording. Any chance for a repost? Thanks!

  13. nicholab says:

    It should be up again now. Adrive apparently makes you reactivate files every 14 days, when you have a free account. cant check the dl myself until i get home later this evening, so pls let me know if its good to go.

  14. Still says file no longer available.

  15. nicholab says:

    ok — i’ve gone ahead and shelled out for a personal premium adrive account. flac is back to working. just checked. have at it! and sorry for the wait.

  16. Thanks for going above and beyond. I really appreciate it because it may be the best copy of this classic song that we shall ever hear. dialAfrica said it perfectly: the best gift of the summer. I’ve made a small donation in appreciation and to compensate your aDrive cost, as I could afford, and only wish we could donate directly to the artists to whom we all owe such an enormous debt. Respect.

  17. Anonymous says:

    this is the best song i’ve heard all summer! is it possible to re-up the 320 version? or at least make the song downloadable on soundcloud? all other versions i have found on the internet are inferior!

    it would be much appreciated!


  18. daniel70 says:

    i pray for summer – and i get this (just found this post). Which father would give a stone when his child asks for a fish??

  19. anonymous says:

    Would love a reup. This is too good.

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