N.T.U. Small Tigers - Musukungibulala Wethu

Lovely sounds from this spirited mid-80’s Mbube group. Love the whistles! Just ran across this solid synopsis by Robert Christgau:

“Anybody with a taste for mbube’s droll complexities, especially those who find Ladysmith too sweet (the pleasures some people deny themselves for tough-mindedness’s sake), will get a kick out of this alternative. Without a great voice up top, the Small Tigers emphasize quirk and interplay, cutting whistles and clicks and animal noises and nasalities through the harmonies. Sing in English, too–but sound more at home in Zulu.”


Release Information
Year: 1984.
Country: South Africa.
Label: Kaya Records.
A1 Emhlabeni My Lord Kwangizuma
A2 Ungangivimbeli Sathane
A3 Yithi Esakholwa
A4 Phesheya Komsinga
A5 Musukungibulala Wethu
A6 Sala Kahle Sithandwa

B1 Ngeke Ngeshele Kulomuzi
B2 Dadewethu
B3 Gumbaya
B4 Moses Row
B5 There Is A King
B6 Who Is Knocking
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  1. lfhnsn says:

    Love this.  Thanks!

  2. RobTuck1 says:

    Really beautiful, thanks so much for this, appreciated

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