Elena Polonska, Guy Durand, and Roger Cotte - Medieval and Renaissance Music for the Irish and Medieval Harps, Vièle, Recorders and Tambourin

A fine selection of European harp pieces from yonder olden days. Tranquil Sunday sounds. Post “Red Wedding” chillaxation vibes…

Release Information
Year: 1965.
Country: Western Europe (Various).
Label: Vox / Turnabout.
Band A1 (4:15)
A1a "Angelica Beltà" - comp. Francesco Landino
A1b Danse Royale A1c In Saeculum Viellatoris

Band A2 (6:10)
A2a Lamento Di Tristano--La Rotta
A2b Ductia
A2c Veri Floris Sub Figura
A2d Clausolae (Domino)
A2e Saltarello

Band A3 (5:55)
A3a Entre Vous Nouveaux Mariés *comp. Johannes Legrant
A3b Danceries: Gaillarde; Bransle De Bourgogne; Bransle De Champagne; Pavane & Gaillarde D'Angleterre

Band A4 (5:59)
A4a Carmen Saecularis *comp. Heinrich Isaac
. A4b Puisqu' En Amour Du Bien Qu'Oeil Absent Ne Peut Claudin De Sermisy
A4c Villancico *comp. Brihuega
A4d Saltarello *comp. Vincenzo Galilei

Band B1 (3:46)
B1a In Saeculum Artifex
B1b Palestinalied Wie Sol Ich Den Gemynen *comp. Walther Von Der Vogelweide
B1c Trotto

Band B2 (6:35)
B2a Ricercare *comp. Jacob Obrecht
B2b Gymel *comp. Guilelmus Monachus
B2c Estampie Royale
B2d La Manfredina

Band 3 (4:00)
B3a Gentil Gallans *comp. Hayne Van Ghiezeghem
B3b Tabulatura--Excerpts Te Deum--Magnificat Primi Toni *comp. Pierre Attaignant
B3c Vray Dieu D'Amours *comp. Antoin Brumel

Band 4 (6:10)
B4a Danceries: La Volonté (Basse Danse); Bransle Gay; Allemande; Bransle De Poictou
B4b Bicinium *comp. Giovanni Gastoldi
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  1. hythammer says:

    Interesting record. Medieval Music is (oddly enough), the future of all music. There is a huge come-back of these long-forgotten sounds by the avid musicionados.
    Thanks, Nick.

  2. Jampony says:

    Am I right in thinking that A1 and B1 are missing from the collection?

  3. nicholab says:

    Jampony You know. I’ve remained puzzled about that, myself. Everything on the LP is included with the upload. The tracklisting is transcribed as listed, but hen I seperated tracks according to the bands on the LP itself, its didn’t make sense. Not sure whether its some kind of manufacturer defect, but, hard to say….All the music is there, is all I really know.

  4. Jampony says:

    nicholab Jampony They must be hidden in some sort of celestial frequency. Nevertheless this is magical, thanks for uploading!

  5. tuxut says:

    It appears that this is from 1965.
    Here is the LOC listing: http://lccn.loc.gov/r65002685

  6. prmarlow says:

    Hi Nicholab…..
    I’m not sure if you realise that the first track features you dropping the stylus onto the record 4 times…..false starts if you like.  You might want to retry and re-upload?
    A beautiful record anyway.  Many thanks!

  7. Oh no! Really? I’ll put a fix in for that ASAP. FYI, I love this record, but it was a real pain to edit bc of all the tracks, and the apparent track discrepancy between the cover notes and the vinyl itself. Distracted me, I guess. Anyway, apologies. On it…

  8. nicholab says:

    prmarlow Just reuploaded the rips with the first track’s needle/re-starts fixed. Thanks again for the heads up! And tuxut Many thanks for pinning down the date!

  9. Jampony says:

    nicholab Am I missing the correct link? The zip still hasn’t included them 🙂

  10. prmarlow says:

    Many thanks Nicholab, all fine now.  Lovely peaceful music indeed.

  11. BarryB says:

    This brings back such memories…! I purchased it when it first came out, and still have it with so many other LPs. A ton of research has been done since then, and since so much else has appeared in the 1970s and 1980s, but I think this disc holds up well. It’s also great fun to listen to.

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