Maha with the Orchestra Oriental - Reflections of the Near East

Quite a lovely record. You’ll note: The Fiesta Record Company of NYC didn’t exactly go out of their way to mention thing one about the mysterious & enchanting Maha, or her generically named, though exceedingly capable, Oriental Orchestra. So, where are these folks from? Well, a little web savvy and a quick bit of leisure time did eventually turn up this handy clue; a hi-res cover image from a locally issued (non- US) Maha 45, which appears to confirm my very first guess: Maha & Co. are from Lebanon. Enjoy!


Release Information
Year: 1963.
Country: Lebanon.
Label: Fiesta Record Company (USA).
Side A
1. Sobhano
2. Yahdein
3. Valse Echlow
4. El Mataam
5. Mahma Kount

Side B
1. Al Bourj
2. Meche Maakoul
3. Danse Arabe
4. Hamza
5. Ya Habibi
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  1. Hauntria says:

    Mighty, mighty tasty stuff, Ghost. Thanks for this.

  2. wingkongex says:

    this is incredible

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