Karlheinz Stockhausen - Ceylon / Bird of Passage

“When Stockhausen was in Ceylon in 1970 he did not imagine that he could find any Singhalese music left. For hundreds of years these people had been slaves of the Hindus, Arabs, French and British. He was taken into a Hindu temple, where there was an important Hindu ceremony going on. He sat in the corner behind the altar; watching and listening. A drummer was sitting on the floor and two other people were playing an instrument similar to an oboe; another old man was playing antique cymbals. The music was so hot and so rhythmically interesting that he stayed there for more than an hour listening to this group. When he went back to the hotel he immediately wrote a piece which now has the title Ceylon.” (Back cover)

Out of print Stockhausen LP, perhaps released by Chrysalis in an attempt to cross over into the electric Miles and tubular bells type metaphysical currents of the mid 70s experimental market.

Release Information
Year: 1975.
Country: Germany.
Label: Chrysalis.
Side 1:

Side II:
Bird of Passage
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  1. jan_dogan says:

    Thank you very much!

  2. chyde says:

    this is the first thing you’ve ever posted that I don’t have to download because I actually have the vinyl! Always dug this LP.

  3. juanv says:

    Great post, I was actually looking for this these days. One thing only: the order of the pieces  in the FLAC ZIP is incorrect, the file called 01 CEYLON.flac is actually 02 BIRD OF PASSAGE.flac and viceversa. All the best!

  4. @juanv Hi Juan, Always glad to oblige! FYI, I just double checked the files & the LP itself. The files; 01 Ceylon (~25 min) & 02 Bird of Passage (~22.5 min) do appear to be labelled correctly, from my end. BOP starts with rhythmic bells on both the LP & the files I’m listening too right now. Cheers…

  5. nikbates says:

    Interesting stuff!! Thanks a lot!

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