Howard Nishioka - Street Songs

Street Songs (1979) is a secret leftfield voyage into Hawaiian psych unknowns. Just check the furious fuzz of the sample track below (“Carnivourous Dogaramus”). Nishioka’s guitars cast a wide net from electric-detonated space solos to acoustic-led meanderings verging toward American Primitive territory. There is cohesion, though, in his essential looseness of delivery. Looks like Street Songs has become a real holy grail for a lot of folks. FYI- The following year, Nishioka laid-down one of the wildest 7″s of all-time as a leading member of that raw feedback-punk phenomenon, The F**kin Flyin A-Heads. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Big thanks to SH for the help!

Release Information
Year: 1979.
Country: USA.
Label: Otaro.
1. Incresha 3:45
2. Ladies of the Seventh House 6:27
3. No Money, No Honey 4:05
4. Carnivourous Dogaramus 4:18
5. Fool's Paradise 5:09
6. Maria 8:21
7. Island Carol 6:27
8. Odyseas Over Seas 3:51
9. I'm a Pilgrim 3:33
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  1. miskov says:

    Wow, this makes a happy day for me. Thank you very much!

  2. øשlqæda says:

    dag this is one sick soundin rip, slick

  3. nicholab says:

    thanks peeps! i was super stoked to put this up….

  4. Murky Recess says:

    Hot damn, sun. I can’t wait for this thing to download. Thank ya bunches.

  5. Holly says:

    THANK YOU! And I never knew about the a-heads connection, neat.

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