Gerardo Sansón & Fred McDonald : Piano y Ritmos - Danza Negra

A pleasantly danceable instrumental 7″ out of 60’s Medellín. Not sure what the story is with Fred McDonald, on piano. He’s got chops, though. The bachelor pad, 60’s cocktail elements herein do thump along quite nicely with Gerardo Sansón & co on rhythm. All songs written by Colombia’s legendary Lucho Bermudez. Good stuff.

Release Information
Year: 196x.
Country: Colombia.
Label: Zeida + Codiscos.
Lado 1

1. Danza Negra (Cumbia)
2. Caprichito (Sonsonete)

Lado 2
1. Doble Cero (Sonsonete)
2. Kalamary (Porro)
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  1. StuartWalsh says:

    Rad, enjoying this muchly.

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