Francis Bebey - Un Petit Ivoirien

Dig this charming French-pressed synthesizer workout from the one-and-only Francis Bebey of Cameroon;  righteous instrumental virtuoso & prolific elder of contemporary recorded Afropop. And what a beautiful album cover! Here’s a nice handful of breezily upbeat and stripped-down, drum machine-driven tracks somehow not included on Born Bad’s highly enjoyable Bebey synth comp; African Electronic Music. (In fact, a knowing little bird recently hipped me to the fact that the aforementioned BB comp was sourced largely in-part from Bebey’s Pygmy Love Song LP, upped way back when by Nauma at Freedom Blues (RIP), and heartily endorsed by Doug Schulkind of the Audio Motherlode way back in Oct. 2010. But I digress…)

Un Petite Ivoirien is yet another great Afro-synth record borrowed here from the collection of one Mr. Jason Urick; musician, comrade, and internet blogger-type. Go give that dude a shout, somewhere, friends. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy!

Release Information
Year: 1979.
Country: France + Cameroon.
Label: Ozileka.
Side A
1. Le Troisième Bureau
2. Agatha (Nouvelle Version)
3. Tiers-Monde
4. Un Petit Ivoirien
5. Il N'y A Pas De Crocodiles À Cocody
6. Versatile

Side B
1. On Les Aime Bien
2. Berceuse Bantou
3. Afrique Secours
4. Motema
5. Amomi
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  1. icastico says:

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  2. icastico says:

    Yes. Love FB. Thanks for this.

  3. uncleDiss says:

    This sounds awesome, thank you!!!

  4. Moon Ra says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

  5. Holly says:

    Many thanks Nick for your usual pristine rip, and huge thanks to your friend Jason for sharing!

  6. buruno says:

    lovely sounds! sometimes it feels like playing Day of the Tentacle or any of those soundblaster-powered pc games.

  7. beetor says:

    I’ve really been enjoying this one.

  8. Victor says:

    Thanks for posting this album! Also, this, apparently much earlier, Francis Bebey album on the Original Music label was recently highly recommended to me:

  9. Curious how these later Bebey sides sound. Thanks for sharing!

    Linked here from my recent post of Bebey’s debut, Concert pour un vieux masque.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks for the share. Hey and “Un Petit Ivorien” – thàt’s the title, just check the sleeve. So no “petite” or other typing mistakes …

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