Farid El Atrache - El Hob El Kebir + El Khourouj Men El Gana (OST)

Greek-pressed Lebanese LP of classic Egyptian film songs from the immortal Farid Al Atrache. The slick cover of him by the hi-fi is not to be trifled with. Thanks to David H for this record. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Release Information
Year: 197x.
Country: Egypt + Lebanon (label).
Label: Voice of Lebanon.
1. Bitomor Al Rass Oul Eyn 6:17
2. Ya Weili Men Hobbo 9:16
3. Ala Bali Ala Bali 6:28
4. Adnaytani Bil Hajr 10:01
5. La Ouaeynayki 5:59
6. Ana Ouenta Ou Ba Bass 8:29
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  1. Hammer says:

    This LP is one made for the soundtrack of the Henry Barakat directed 1970 film, namely ‘The Great Love/ Expulsion from Paradise’, which starred Farid El-Atrash alongside the Egyptian cinema starlet Faten Hamamah.
    The original soundtrack varied from the sheer classical Taraab songs sung in formal Arabic like ‘Adnaytani Bil Hajr’ (You Turned Me Down With Neglect), to the cha’abi songs sung both in Lebanese vernacular and Egyptian accent so famous in the 70s and earlier on. (This goes for all the rest of the songs in the film, and they are: Bit’omor Al-Rass Oul Eyn ‘You Order Me On Top of My Head and My Eye’/ Lebanese – Ya Weili Men Hobbo ‘Oh Woe Me from Her/His Love!’ / Egyptian – Ala Bali Ala Bali ‘On My Mind, On My Mind’/ Egyptian – La Ouaeynayki ‘For Your Eyes’ / Arabic Formalese – Ana Ouenta Ou Ba’ass ‘You, And I, And Only Us’/ Egyptian).

    Great add to one of the best blogsites featuring old, Middle-eastern resurrecords, indeed.

    Have fun listening to what millions of Arab people still do in the Zips till this day!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Many thanks for all these rare for me LPs.
    Kostas from Greece.

  3. Holly says:

    Thank you Nick (& Hammer)!

    While the you tube link(s) sealed the deal, I most definitely would’ve dled based on that cover alone 😉

  4. Unknown says:

    What a sweet album cover. Thanks for posting.

  5. meltedrubbersoul says:

    Poor Farid, pining for his lost love….if thats what it takes to make such awesome music, then I say let him be lonely for the rest of his life. The musical equivalent of foie gras.

  6. ary kiri says:

    Link is dead, could you re-up it please? I happen to have quite a lot of Farid, would you be interested?

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