Exuma - Exuma II

“Exuma, the Obeah Man, was born in Cat Island, Bahamas and christened as Tony McKay; he grew up through Canaan Lane off Shirley Street, Nassau, Bahamas. Drawing on the traditional Bahamian folk songs, the infectious beat of Junkanoo, ring play, myths and linguistic idioma, Exuma, through his musical recordings, performances and paintings, has promoted Bahamian heritage and extended Bahamian music throughout the world moreso than any other contemporary Bahamian recording artist.” (Nina Simone Database)

Righteous Afro-Bahamian songwriter Macfarlane Gregory Anthony Mackey, aka Exuma, sang it with depth. At times, he comes on like a man possessed, defiantly exorcising himself. His earliest work is an unreal melange of heavy folk dirges, pounding junkanoo ruckus, and the groaning incantations of mythically just, voudoun enlivened cataclysms of spiritual and material oppressions in our brave new world. Proper chant down Babylon vibes. Exuma’s records have long been a staple of the countless hauntologically-minded and/or whateverly freak-folked RSS electroducts we’ve been privy too for years, now. This is my flac rip of Exuma II. Baal destroys me. Some contend that this record’s uneven. Mayhaps its more of a for madmen only kind of thing. Nahmean? I’ve also ripped his first record. Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. Paz.

SR 61314

Release Information
Year: 1970.
Country: Bahamas + USA.
Label: Mercury.
Side 1
1. Damn Fool
2. Baal
3. Paul Simon Nontooth
4. Fire In The Hole

Side 2
1. A Place Called Earth
2. We Got To Go
3. African Rhythm
4. Zandoo
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  1. Jperm says:

    Dude, Nicholab, I love you. Much thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    holy crap that’s excellent. thanks.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful, extraordinary record. I can’t tell you the joy it has brought me – as have so many things on your fine blog. I love you, too!

  4. Exuma I and II on FLAC! Holy Voodoo Warbles!

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  6. HenningOrth says:

    Thank you soo much!

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