Aidan Coughlan - Auburn Eternally

I’m forever an acolyte for the music of┬ámy friend Aidan Coughlan. His surrealist folk ballads are easily some of the best songs being written today. This collection was recorded in ’08 on reel to reel by The Graves’ Greg Olin, in Portland, OR.

Release Information
Year: 2008.
Country: USA.
Label: Self-Released.
1. The Rattlesnake Hole
2. I Was Up Before The Dawn
3. Moonranger
4. Auburn Eternally
5. If You're Ever In Need
6. Mrs. Jones
7. Maya
8. You Were On My Mind
9. I'm Gonna Go Down Someday Soon
10. They've Taken Rhiannon Away
11. Azrael The Loon
12. Into His Suit The Groom Grows Legs
13. This Is A Song For You Love
14. Sunset On Waterloo
15. The Sun Was Shining
16. Agnes Lee
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  1. BillieMoon says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Aidan’s music, he’s a treasure.

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