V/A - Alpha Wave Interview (Mixed by Agape Lodge)

Drums and drones… An experimental guest mix from my friend Bill Selman, aka Agape Lodge. His selections for Alpha Wave Interview are compiled from tracks that were inspirational for Agape Lodge’s two forthcoming releases, each coming out later this year on Digitalis and Plustapes, respectively. Says he: “The emphasis is on the maximal yielding to meditative dissociation as drone (both acoustic and electronic) interacts with and amplifies percussion-driven tracks.” Dig the heady zone out…

Release Information
Year: 2013.
Country: USA.
Label: No Label.
"Wabi Sabi Pt 2": Wabi Sabi - Wabi Sabi (A-Musik, 1996)
"Pulse Static (Tranquila)": Tolerance - Divin (Vanity, 1981)
"Afternoon of the Georgia Faun": Marion Brown - Afternoon of the Georgia Faun (ECM, 1970)
"Radiolucence (Version)": Rome - Rome (Thrill Jockey, 1996)
"Patchwork Composite": Ben Vida - Andy Ortmann/Ben Vida (Nihilist, 2011)
"Kinetic Disruption": Charlatan - Isolatarium (Type, 2012)
"Despite the Water Supply": Jim O'Rourke - Despite the Water Supply (Touch, 2009)
"Signeaux 1": Robert Hampson - Signeaux (Editions Mego, 2012)
"V7": Sil Electronics - Tal-S (Sahko, 1995)
"Totem Ben": Bernard Gagnon - Musique Electronique (1975-1983) (Tenzier, 1983) "Keppi": Conoco - Kemi Koski (Sigma Editions, 1999)
"Vice Versa Mix 1 (1970)": Eliane Radigue - Feedback Works (Alga Marghan, 2012)
"En Bu 2": Burnt Friedman - Zokuhen (Nonplace, 2012)
"Study No. 1 Harmonies for Organ": Gyorgy Ligeti - Continuum and Other Works (Wergo, 1993)
"Akwaaba": Francis Bebey - Akwaaba (Original Music, 1985)

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  1. cpcrouch says:

    thanks – looks exciting!

  2. OldeDiamondEyes says:

    This piece and a few vodkas made for a lovely flight from RVA.

  3. bashbashtak says:

    Please re-upload “FLAC”

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