Action Patrol - 1993-96 On Patrol

Gotta say, I’m sort of stunned by the range and caliber of the compact discs routinely turning up in thrift stores these days. It seems hard to believe that, I don’t know, K Records, Nonesuch and Luaka Bop discs are all just hanging around together with Bjork and Radiohead in the 2 dollar bargain bins. Not that I need ’em. And maybe that’s just Portland. Is it this way everywhere? And, don’t get me wrong– I totally TOTALLY get that blogspot, file sharing, iTunes, etc have rendered these plastic packages functionally obsolete. Once uploaded, a disc basically destined to gather dust or live on as a coffee coaster. Maybe this is my 30+, Andy Rooney side beginning to take root. I just can’t help but wonder, will CDs eventually go the way of cassettes today, and become retrospectively cool in, say 20 years?

So anyway, I found this Action Patrol disc at the Goodwill the other day. I live in Portland, OR, but AP were my other favorite local punk band from yonder high school days back in southeast VA. My skater-dude friends and I even put on their second to last show at the roller rink in my hometown. It was awesome. Admittedly, I hardly listen to much of anything that involves hardcore/screaming these days. That shit just works by nerves. Action Patrol & Mens Recovery Project, however, both get a pass from me. Oh, lets add Bad Brains, Minor Threat and The Nation of Ulysses to that list. Local sentiment, I know, but that’s just how it is. Or maybe its digging a semblance of iconoclastoc wit over boring meathead hardcore posturing. Hmmm. And, ok, I’m down too with a lot of those early SST & Homestead bands, not to mention The Wipers, Negative Approach, The Zero Boys, Naked Raygun, etc. Plenty of room to expand, though hardly worth it right here. Anyway, after copping this here RVA throwback, I just had to up & share it. Ready or not. 320 kbps. Word.

Release Information
Year: 1997.
Country: USA.
Label: Whirled.
1. Tube 1:32
2. Golden Wings 2:49
3. P.C.A. 2:59
4. Clock 1:33
5. EQ45 1:31
6. In The Name Of 2:14
7. Small 2:08
8. Don't You Know 1:21
9. Work Ethic 2:02
10. Hustle 1:34
11. On High 1:29
12. Boxing 1:36
13. Friend 1:37
14. Closed Doors 1:08
15. Time After Time 2:32
16. 21 1:53
17. Worthless 1:44
18. Brains 1:31
19. Benign 1:46
20. B Plus 1:48
21. Bike Cop 2:20

Live Recording Of Final AP Show
22. Golden Wings [Excerpt] 0:29
23. Don't You Know 1:27
24. EQ45 1:36
25. Bike Cop 1:48
26. Small 2:08
27. B Plus 1:57
28. Worthless 1:32
29. Benign 1:32
30. Hustle 1:27
31. Work Ethic 1:50
32. Time After Time 2:27
33. Brains 1:20
34. P.C.A. 2:24
35. Clock 1:40
26. Tube 8:54
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  1. J.D. says:

    From LA : Uhm, kind of.

    Thrifts sometimes packed with oddments from the nineties .. just picked off a few old Dj Krush & Talvin Singh titles that were obviously unrecognized by the bin scrapers … (who are largely there to score Beatle collections for immediate sale on ebay ?)

    Record stores not-so, though. Even though there are esoteric comps & etc to be found, they are priced as if it were still the nineties.

    But LA a funny town for music; recently came across a very downtown-nyc promo vinyl Tom Zé (coincidentally on luakabop) compilation that I don’t think ever went digital; brasil-tribeca avant sounds.

    In the right places, it’s a great time to be a music collector who doesn’t mind having the physical article — a cd or lp — rather than just an item in a playlist somewhere…. (on a hardrive that may end up ‘corrupted’ some morning).
    Forward to the past.

  2. øשlqæda says:

    i found pandit jasraj at the goodwill in st johns

  3. nicholab says:

    @owl thats dope, dude. cd or lp?

    @JD — yeah, its like you have half a chance if you know how to navigate the road not taken. or at least take an exit off the musical interstate. the handful of record shops i shop that do buy used cds are giving next to nothing for em these days, but tend to up the ante for most anything decent on wax.

  4. Does that mean you’re from Gloucester, VA? I had the privilege of covering the Gloucester/Mathews ‘beat’ for the Daily Press before a well-advised career change…

  5. DB Harps says:

    Some times I am embarrassed by how much I love this band.

  6. Dusty says:

    I think Cd’s are cool now because I can play them in the car stereo and I can also stack them in a smaller pile than I can with the Cassettes

    I found a copy of Edan’s Beauty and the Beat here in Australia and I was very happy

    GhostCapital this might not be up your alley, but then again it might be, so why don’t you have a look at my band’s bandcamp already??

  7. nicholab says:

    @ wrigley beer man – whoa, small world. i was born in newport news, and then mostly lived in gloucester after that. in fact, my uncle mark used to be an editor for the local section of the daily press. its weird, but i still kind of miss that newspaper. i’m sure it was a smart career move splitting from that scene, though. did you ever record shop at american oldies in newport news. i made a monthly pilgrimmage to that shop in high school, stocking up on smiths & gang of four lps. trucking over there and then hitting the thrifts on warwick & mercury blvd were how my crate digging habits got started in the first place. word.

    @dusty – aplogies if you’ve written and i havent responded. i am admittedly awful about responding to email, and even most comments, for that matter. don’t mean to be rude, but this spot is a totally non profit hobby (in fact, its starting to get a tad expensive, as i burn through more and more of my personal backlog of lps. cheap secret scores just don’t happen every week. at least not when you have a day job to attend to) anyway, whats yr bandcamp url? Willdefinitely give you a listen. and yeah, an edan disc at a thrift shop is a score, whether or not the compact disc is functionally dead.

  8. waxpeddler says:

    If ever there was a place I needed a a man on the inside, it was in Hampton Roads. My girl and I only lived in Williamsburg about nine months, so we never had the chance to dig in. Plus, I couldn’t buy the steam off a hot dog in those days, and with gas over $4 a gallon, we stuck close to home. Not to hate on the area, since we weren’t there long enough to give it a proper shake, but I shit you not the highlight of most weeks was half-priced burgers and $2 pints at the Green Leaf.

    First-rate blog, by the way. I had a kidney removed about a year ago, and between the strong painkillers your blog (and Owl’s!l), my long convalescence was surprisingly enjoyable.

  9. Annie Ortega says:

    Can’t find this anywhere!

    PLEASE re up

  10. Gus! says:

    Sheesh, I had the self titled LP. Then I got the CD. The the CD got stolen. Now I have it back. My mind aches and I’m dizzy with pleasure. If this was social media you get a like.

    And check out my blog. I interview, my first was Kira Roessler (Black Flag, Dos, Awkward, ETC). Not bad for someone who rarely leaves the house!

    And I will sell nothing. “tis all free, kids. Shameless self promotion.

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