V/A - 'Spiew Juchasa: Song of the Shepherd -- Songs of the Slavic Americans

“[This] record offers a concentrated look at one area of eastern Europe through the music of its transplanted peoples.The many other recordings deserve attention and further reissuing, as does the music of all the others they have made over the years equally who brought old traditions to the New World and preserved them for us on recordings.” (New World Records)Yet another richly rewarding Dick Spottswood project, released by New World Records in 1977 in their crucial LP series supporting the Recorded Anthology of American Music (*now known as DRAM) around the time of of the U.S. Bicentennial (thanks for the lead, Gil). 78rpms of raw Polish & Ukranian delights. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. PDF of the liner notes included. Dig it.

Release Information
Year: 1977.
Country: USA + Poland + Ukraine.
Label: New World Records.
Side A
1. J. Baczkowskiego Orkiestra - Oberek Pulawiak (Oberek from Pulawy)
2. Orkiestra Dukli - Zawzieta Dziewczyna (Stubborn Girl)
3. Orkiestra Karol Stoch - Wspomnienia Sabaly (Reminiscences of Sabala)
4. Bruno Rudzinski - "Na Obi Nogi" Polka ("On Two Feet" Polka)
5. Sichelski i Bachleda i Karola Stocha Oryginalna Góralska Muzyk - Piesn Zbójników (Song of the Bandits)
6. Sichelski i Bachleda i Karol Stoch - Nie Bede Sie Zynl (I Will Not Marry)
7. Karola Stocha Oryginalna Muzyka Góralska - ’Spiew Juchasa (Song of the Shepherd)
8. Sichelski i Bachleda i Karola Stocha Oryginalna Góralska Muzyk - Zakopianska Piosnka (Song from Zakopane)
9. Sichelski i Bachleda w/Karol Stoch - Dye Se Dolu Bialka (Down the Bialka Valley)

Side B
1. Ukrainska Orchestra Pawla Humeniuka - Kozak Zawydija (Fast Kozak)
2. Ukrainska Orchestra i Chor Pawla Humeniuka - Bohacki Zaruczyny (Engagement Ceremony Among the Rich)
3. Ukrainska Orchestra Pawla Humeniuka - Na Wesiliu Pid Chatoju (At a Wedding Under The Eaves)
4. Ukrainska Selska Orchestra - Ukrainskyj Trisak (Ukrainian Trisak)
5. Wiejska Czwórka "Bracia Kuzian" - Sztajer z Gory Baraniej (Dance from the Sheep Mountains)
6. Ukrainska Orchestra Michala Thomas - Hutzulka w Semereczyni (Hutzulka from Semereczyn)
7. Zlozyw i Widohraw Solo Skrypkowe Pawlo Humeniuk - Poprawyny (Second-Day Feast)
8. Zlozyw i Widohraw Solo Skrypkowe Pawlo Humeniuk - Wiwczar na Supylci (Shepherd Playing the Flute)
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  1. øשlqæda says:

    epic droplets! thank you nick & dick! where my sheep at?

  2. nicholab says:

    they’re next on deck, broheim. sounds like the sample track might be a suprise late entry in that PRA playlist I was rapping about. Yr Snapdragons recommend is also in the fold.

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