V/A - Shades of Gospel Soul

Shades of Gospel Soul is a relatively rare gospel LP released by Motown back in 1969. This set features strong vocal outings from The Gospel Stars, The Wright Specials & Columbus Mann of Detroit, Michigan. The first couple of tracks, in-particular, are big winners. Just check the audio sample…Recommended!

*This post is noteworthy, also, because its my very first use of the ClickRepair & De-Noise filters, which came to me via a recent recommendation from Mietek. Let me assure you, those programs have made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my most recent vinyl rips. Ever since my super-annoying technical troubles a few weeks prior, I’ve become a bit less satisfied with the sound of my vinyl offerings. I ended up having to change my receiver’s line-out from an RCA to a headphone-jack to circumvent a grounding buzz that had developed. The end result, though, was more snap, crackle & drag from the stylus. So, thanks so much Mietek! My records sound better than ever. After a few more new posts this month, I may go back and re-up some previous posts with improved versions. I’d also be happy to take suggestions on which ones to prioritize, if any of you have ’em.

Release Information
Year: 1969.
Country: USA.
Label: Motown.
A1 The Gospel Stars - Give God A Chance
A2 The Wright Specials - Pilgrim Of Sorrow
A3 Columbus Mann - Hush Children Hush
A4 The Gospel Stars - Have You Any Time For Jesus
A5 The Wright Specials - Ninety-Nine And A Half
B1 The Gospel Stars - He Lifted Me
B2 Columbus Mann - I'll Never Turn Back No More
B3 The Wright Specials - I Won't Go Back
B4 The Gospel Stars - Lamb At The Altar
B5 Columbus Mann - (They) Shall Be Mine
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  1. Holly says:

    Y’know, aside from the Temps and Marvin I tend to be prejudiced against Motown (thank you, most irritating & ubiquitous Supremes, for almost succeeding in ruining the label for me) so I was going skip this…should’ve trusted you, Nick.


  2. nicholab says:

    Fair enough. But please tell me that you don’t hate on Smoky & the Miracles?! Old Stevie? Jacksons #3… No, its ok if you do, but I just love that stuff.

  3. Holly says:

    I don’t hate on anyone (except maybe the Supremes) but… let’s just say that every single day I put on something that moves me from Stax or Goldwax or Back Beat or Sound Stage 7 or … and Motown not as often 😉

  4. Elliot Knapp says:

    Love your blog; it’s good to see something with variety. Added to my blogroll!

  5. dj trish says:

    Cool Sounds from Motown!Good stuff!Feel free to check out my music blog too!
    Groove on!

  6. genial¡¡

    muchas gracias¡¡

  7. Flash Strap says:

    This is fantastic. Sippin’ sweet tea to this one, and a toast to the ghost.

  8. Theo says:

    Ah man, Pilgrim of Sorrow and that last number are sooo good! gold yet again, nico

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