V/A - Old-Country Music in a New Land: Folk Music of Immigrants from Europe and the Near East

“…For years [by the 1920’s] foreign-language records had contained occasional examples of rural vernacular music, but not until record companies discovered the music of souther rural blacks and whites was there extensive recording of the folk music of foreign-born Americans. It marked a radical departure from both the music available from abroad and earlier record-company offerings. By the late twenties foreign-language record catalogs had become heavily augmented by fiddlers, bagpipers, rough voiced singers, plain-voiced choirs, village “orchestras”, and other representatives of a bevy of authentic folk styles that were being documented sparsely, if at all, in the Old World. many of these records are priceless documents of genres and traditions virtually extinct today. The best of these recordings represent not only styles that flourished at the time of recording but even styles that preceded those by decades or centuries.” (Dick Spotswood, from the liner notes)

Precious gems in 78rpms. Raw folk revelations from many quarters of the “Old World”. Illuminating notes & essays from Dick Spotswood & Oscar Handlin. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Release Information
Year: 1977.
Country: USA + Global.
Label: New World Records.
1. Mike Lapčak Slovensky Hudba - Sedliacky Zabavny Czardaš (The Farmer's Diversion Czardaš)
2. Krestyanskyj Orkestr - Malenky Barabanshtchik (The Little Drummer-Boy)
3. Aili and Lyyli Wainikainen - Kasakka Polkka - Polka "Tchorny J Ostrov" (Cossack Polka - "Black Island" Polka)
4. Braca Kapugi Tamburica Orchestra - Zalim te Momce (I Saw You, Lad)
5. Patrick Killoran and His Pride of Erin Orchestra - Stack-o-Barley
6. James Morrison and John McKenna - The Tailor's Thimble and The Red-Haired Lass
7. Lydia Mendoza y Familia - El Coco-Cancion (The Coconut Song)
8. Santiago Jimenez y Sus Valedores - La Piedrera
9. New Arkansas Travelers - I Tickled 'em
10. Dennis McGee and Ernest Fruge - Jeuns Gens Campagnard (Young Men From the Country)
11. Elise Deshotel and his Louisiana Rhythmaires - La Valse de Bon Baurche (The Drunkard's Sorrow
Waltz) 12. Unknown - Pastorale
13. Rueben Sarkisian - Yar Ounenal (I Love You)
14. Nahem Simon - Sayf lahziq (Your Sword Has Pierced Me)
15. Harilaos Piperakis - Siteiako (Dance of Siteia)
16. Mahanojaus Lietvička Maineriu Orkestra - Kuomet Šokis (When You Dance)
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  1. øשlqæda says:

    everything touched by dick spottswood is pure gold. thx fer another forgotten treasure. any luck w/ artwork?

  2. Jo/No says:

    Wow, this sounds like just my cup of tea! Also, it looks like it could as well be the next in line for a Mississippi re-issue 😉 At least the eclectic setlist reminds me of their Mata la Pena and I don’t feel at home compilations.

    I forwarded it to my Facebook following:

  3. gilhodges says:

    These New World compilations are just brilliant. Many dozens of them were produced by the U.S. government as part of the bicentennial celebration back in 1976. Of course, propose to spend precious taxpayer dollars on such a project today and you’d be labeled a socialist.


  4. nicholab says:

    Always happy to oblige, friends.

    @owl–Indeed Spottswood is basically a prince.

    @jo/no–Thanks so much! I sure love your little corner of the web, btw. I thought the same thing about this & those Mississippi comps.

    @gil–so right. putting federal money into these kinds of enlightening (multi)cultural projects is just plainly unamerican ;). must say, i’m trying to get my paws on NW 283 “Spie Juchasa…Songs of the Slavic Americans” quick-sharp.

    Also, the suprise skip near the end of the sample track really started bumming me out, so I went ahead and upped a replacement rip of the I Tickled ’em track, for those of you who’ve already downloaded the album. And for those who haven’t yet, I have just replaced the LP rip above with the fixed track. Enjoy.

  5. Anonymous says:

    looks great.

    kind of looks a little similar to the tompkins square 3cd boxset ‘to this strange place’

    which is excellent.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but does anyone still have this album, a bit late to the game and it sounds amazing

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