V/A - Hits From Telugu Films Vol. 5

“Melodies From N. T. Rama Rao Starrer Pictures”

An exquisite collection of classic Telugu playback tracks from the 1950s & 60s, all of which were originally featured in the films of N.T. Rama Rao. All legendary songs, with no filler. Heavy on the Ghantasala and P. Susheela, which is a very good thing. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Highly recommended!

Release Information
Year: 1967.
Country: India.
Label: Odeon/EMI.
1. Kalavaramayemadhilo (Film: Pathala Bhairavi) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela
2. Lechindi Mahila Lokam (Film: Gundamma Katha) -- Ghantasala
3. Brindavanamidhi (Film: Missamma) -- A.M. Raja & P. Susheela
4. Janani Sivakamini (Film: Narthanasala) -- P. Susheela
5. Kanupa Pa (Film: Chiranjeevulu) -- Ghantasala & P. Leela
6. Adakaichina (Film: Dagudu Moothalu) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela
7. Ravoyee Chandamama (Film: Missamma) -- A. M. Raja & P. Leela
8. Anthaka Nanuchoodaku (Film: Manchi Manishi) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela
9. Edu Kondalavada (Film: Pellichesichoodu) -- P. Leela Ghantasala
10. Athey Athey (Film: Ramudu Bheemudu) -- P. Susheela & Ghantasala
11. Amma Nanna (Film: Panduranga Mahatmyam) -- Ghantasala
12. Lahiri Lahiri (Film: Maya Bazaar) -- Ghantasala & P. Susheela
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  1. You’ve got to stop posting all this wonderful music you know – I can’t cope with it all! It’s all too much! Er… have you the other 4 volumes?

    Seriously, many thanks for sharing such precious goodies.

  2. Wow. beautiful sounding stuff so far. I love this. Thanks as always. Are any of these still available to buy?

  3. Pipitsa says:

    Ωωωω! ευχαριστώ….απλά τέλειο!!!

  4. Pipitsa says:

    Thank you very much! is your exceptional offer!

  5. Anonymous says:

    having troube getting this-any chance of a re-up

  6. joeysimms says:

    Thanks for this~!

    Re: telugu sountracks – are you familiar with Illiayaraja? Check out 1984’s “Challenge” for some super casio-synth fun.. you will not regret it!

  7. Is this link still active?

  8. niallo76 says:

    Thanks so much for this and for all the amazing music you have posted over the years-simply outstanding

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