V/A - Fanafody: A Collection Of Recordings And Photography From Madagasikara, Volume II

“The second volume of recordings in our series of Madagascar music. From the archives of Montreal recordist, Charlie Brooks. While containing some similar artists as volume one, Fanafody focuses more on his second trip through the island during 2002 featuring violin players and throat breathing singers. Includes extensive photography and liner notes booklet.” (Little Axe)

An outstanding second volume in Brook’s field recording and photography series of contemporary Madagascar. A fine rip of the expansive version of first volume, Fihavanana, can be found over at the excellent Root Strata blog, which also recently posted a recommended link for MR-087 The Street Musicians of Yogakarta. As for this joker, 320 vinyl by yours truly. Booklet scans too. Enjoy.

Release Information
Year: 2011.
Country: Madigascar + USA (label).
Label: Mississippi / Cultural Knot.
Side A
1. Vonarivo (Lokanga) & Tarkilava – Mozika Madrehitra
2. Boto Salegy & Beta Bemoto Manitsy – Jauqueline
3. Addala Moraba – Mpandeha
4. Eliasi Hinavako & TanKa – Vita Lili
5. Justin Velonjoha & Tarkilava – Te-hiridy Somizo Aho
6. Manatsoa – Valiha Fombandrazanah
7. Vezu – Manjono Trondro

Side B
1. Manatsoa (Valiha) & Tarkilava – Rivotra Fombandrazanah
2. Tanka Eliasi – Ravoro III
3. Claude Ernest Razafimaliatratra – Tandremo Ny Dina
4. Tsihombe & Tarikilava – Beko Fombandrazanah
5. Guy Raberivelo – Fahoriana Be
6. Manatsoa & Justin Velonjoha & Tarkilava – Beloe
7. Maurice Rasolonjatova – Flute Instrumental
8. Tromba A Diego
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