V/A - Eileen Aroon

A wealth of autumnal glory. The reflective third volume in our Holy*Ghost mixtape continuum. Spectral folk traditions from the British Isles, and beyond. And beyond the beyond…At 120 minutes, Owl & I ran the gauntlet from joy to sorrow (and back again) to get this magic right. We do hope you enjoy it.

Release Information
Year: 2011.
Country: UK + Ireland + Canada + USA.
Label: Holy * Ghost (Holy Warbles + Ghost Capital).
Side A (Holy)
01. Kathleen McPeake ~ Eileen Aroon, 1963
02. John Jacob Niles ~ John Henry, 1940
03. Barbara Dickson ~ Down In Yon Forest, 1969
04. Tia Blake ~ Rising of the Moon, 1971
05. Peggy Zeitlin ~ Spin Spider Spin, 196x?
06. Shirley Collins ~ Bonnie Boy, 1967
07. Anne Briggs ~ Living By The Water, 1971
08. Bert Jansch ~ Wishing Well, 1968
09. Lal Waterson & Bob Davenport ~ Child Among The Weeds, 1972
10. Donald MacLeod & Congregation ~ Stroudwater - Psalm 46 vv. I & 2, 1975
11. Trees Community ~ Psalm 45 [owl edit], 1975
12. Baby Dee ~ Look What the Wind Blew In, 2001
13. Sibylle Baier ~ I Lost Something In the Hills, 1970
14. Bonnie White ~ The Dragon's Song, 1971
15. Jan & Lorraine ~ Number 33, 1969
16. Tower Recordings ~ The Nine Billion Names of God, 1997
17. Agincourt ~ When I Awoke, 1970
18. Amps For Christ ~ Edward, 1998
19. David Mitchell & Denis Roughan ~ Grey Funnel Line, 1991

Side B (Ghost)
1. David Hammond ~ Tis Pretty to Be in Ballinderry, 1959
2. Sweeney's Men ~ Willy O' Winsbury, 1968
3. Martin Carthy ~ The Wind That Shakes the Barley, 1965
4. A.L. Lloyd & Alf Edwards ~ The Unfortunate Rake, 1960
5. Edith Perrin ~ When I Die, 1941
6. Michael Coleman ~ Tarbolton, Longford Collector, The Sailor's Bonnet, 193x?
7. Fred and Finvola Redden ~ The Banks of Claudy, 1956
8. Shirley Collins ~ The Irish Girl, 1959
9. Peggy Seeger ~ The Three Ravens, 1967
10. John Sheridan ~ Killarney, Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms, 1928
11. Deirdre Ní Fhloinn ~ Seotholó Thoil (Hush-a-by My Dear), 1958
12. Dave Swarbrick ~ My Singing Bird, 1976
13. Peter Bellamy ~ A-Roving On A Winter's Night, 1979
14. Jean Ritchie ~ One I Love, 1965
15. Aidan Coughlan ~ In My Youth, 2005
16. Planxty ~ Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór, 1973
17. Nic Jones ~ Farewell to the Gold, 1980
18. Jack Armstrong, Chevy Chase ~ The Cott 19xx?
19. The McPeake Family ~ Will Ye Go Lassie, Go, 1963
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  1. Anonymous says:

    uh mazing!!!

  2. øשlqæda says:

    victory today is ours! dopest mix to date

  3. Anonymous says:

    beautiful moods here, gents. my compliments

  4. miskov says:

    Just what we’ve been hoping for, and more. Thank you for the superb selections!

  5. Wieldling says:

    What a great bunch of tunes. Thanks for this, I’m sure it was no simple feat!

  6. nicholab says:

    thanks for the love, friends. really hoping this one grows & resonates with you the way it has with us. it’d be tough to overstate the number of ideas and drafts spurred in the lead-up to this finished flow. i’m feeling darn proud of how it turned out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What a compilation!
    make me feel like touch the sun and kiss the moon

    thanks a lot

  8. Dan Leo says:

    Thank you very, very much.

  9. Wilder Knockenmann says:

    Wowza, this is just fantastic and, I would venture, your finest collaboration yet. Autumn never sounded so sweet. Thanks you two!

  10. Michael Wang says:

    Always a large slice of happiness when i see a Holy/Ghost collaboration! Thanks again fellas.

  11. nicholab says:

    you friends are warming my heart….

  12. rhid says:

    it’s very good is this…thanks

  13. Whip Wilson says:

    Plese, oh please, re-up this beauty!! I love these mixes and i somehow missed this when it first came out. It’s rainy where I live and I’m desperate for some psych-folk that’s new to my ear! Thanks, as ever, for sharing.

  14. Whip Wilson says:

    Oh, that is absolutely top shelf news. Thanking you!

  15. salame_tropical says:

    ¡Hermoso!! una de las mejores mix-tapes.¡que vuelva Holywarbles!!

  16. roberth says:

    burning this now– i am reading electric eden, so this should be
    great accompaniment. great selection–
    plus a bit of sadly departed holywarbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks of course

    ps loving the re-ups

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little late to the re-up party, but thank you thank you for making this available again. A true gem.

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