Super Djata de Bamako - Vol. 2

“Zani Diabaté, prominent guitar player in the Super Djata Band, one of the most popular bands from Bamako during the 1980s, joined the Ballet National in 1963, where he sang, danced and played guitar, kora, balafon and percussion. In his spare time, he would play in Harmonica Jazz, where he played harmonica, and later he formed the Ganoua Band with Daouda Sangaré on kamalen n’goni and on vocals, and with Maré Sanogo on djembé. In the early 1970s, the Ganoua Band was appointed the third National Orchestra of Mali (Formation C). When they were left without work, Zani and his fellow band members decided to switch to a private band which they named (Super) Djata Band. It was in 1974 that they started recording for Radio Mali.

The sound of Super Djata, based on the, compared to the mellow malinke sound of for instance the Rail Band, hard hitting Bambara rhythms and melodies, is highly coloured by the outstanding guitar playing by Zani Diabaté.” (Musiques-Afrique)

Friends, you can still grab the (better sounding?) mp3 version of Super Djata’s Vol. 2 at the invaluable World Service music blog. And, be sure to show some love over at WS, too…Not only for showing extraordinary taste and generosity in having shared our interweb’s first best rip of Vol. 2 (and more!), but also for WRLDSERV’s  own heartfelt personal insights and recollections about the life & career of Zani Diabaté & co.

Huge thanks to  DJ Cuica for lending out this platter that matters.  Djata truly brought this afternoon to life back here at the homestead. Heavenly sounds.

Release Information
Year: 1983 .
Country: Mali.
Label: Musique Mondial.
Side A
1. Yacouba
2. Konadou

Side B
1. Yamba
2. Maliden
3. Bimoko Magnin
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  1. zeporro says:

    thanks you very much for this wonderful album.


  2. Culpa Nova says:

    I was wondering one of these days about super djata. The blogsphere seemed to be very obscure. This post comes as instant karma. I really needed to hear more and more. Blessings to you.

  3. Kurt says:

    Really nice. Thanks.

  4. nikbates says:

    The link isn’t working, but I can’t wait to listen to this!

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