Sun Islanders Steel Orch. - Barbados Steel Drums

Single Shot: Here’s an eerily sparse steel drum rendition of Ludwig Van’s immortal “Moonlight Sonata.”  Simply titled here as “Interlude”, it’s a strange and somber anomaly in a typically festive genre not known for evocations of reflective melancholy. To be honest, I’ve been trucking around this dusty, otherwise unremarkable thrift-scrounged Barbados Steel Drums LP for well over a decade, simply unable to toss it out due to the oddball beauty of this one track. Its a crackly old thing by now, but maybe better that way…

Release Information
Year: (Unknown).
Country: Barbados.
Label: REC Studios.
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  1. editor_b says:

    A true wonder. Thanks!

  2. hkbabel says:

    Nice!  Thank you, Nick.

  3. bodegapop says:


  4. Haunting! There is actually a bit in the documentary Lunarcy where they’re talking about playing instruments in space/on the moon and there’s a short performance of Moonlight Sonata on steel drums.

  5. nikbates says:

    My mother would love to hear this!

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