Juthika Roy - Songs of Devotion : Bhajans of Juthika Roy

“..Featured on this album are 12 selections from amongst the artist’s most popular devotional songs including both Meera and Kabir Bhajan.”

*Recently acquired a better copy of this GC favorite from the inimitable Juthika Roy, and just had to re-rip it. Enjoy…

Release Information
Year: 1962.
Country: India.
Label: HMV : The Gramphone Co. of India, Ltd. .
Side 1
1. Ghunghat Ka Pat Khol Re : Kabir Bhajan
2. Tan Man Pe Manhar Ne : Holi
3. Sajanwa Nainan Mere Tumri Ore : Kabir Bhajan
4. Main Ne Chakar Rakho Ji : Meera Bhajan
5. Pag Chunghru Bandh Meera : Meera Bhajan
6. Nachungi Main To : Bhajan

Side 2
1. Rana Ji Main To Girdhar Ke : Meera Bhajan
2. Meera Lago Rang Hari : Meera Bhajan
3. Tulsi-Meera-Sur-Kabir : Bhajan
4. Kanhaiya Pe Tan Man Lutane : Bhajan
5. Aaj Mere Ghar Preetam : Kabir Bhajan
6. Main To Prem Diwani : Meera Bhajan
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  1. GVC says:

    Juthika Roy died 5th Feb 2014 age 93. RIP

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