Peter Finger - Bottleneck Guitar Solos

“…[A] few guitarists took the flame [John Fahey] had lit and brought it to new places, discovering new territories for the guitar just as he had. One of those was Peter Finger. With about 85 pounds of technique in his namesakes, this man could play the shit out of the guitar. And such a restless spirit, continually challenging himself and looking for new sounds to draw out of the guitar” (Wrath of the Grapevine)

The excellent first LP from German-born guitarist Peter Finger, recorded for Kicking Mule Records when he was just 19. Teutonic or not, I’m inclined to file this one under the banner of “American Primitive”, as his bottleneck sound is lyrical & authentic. Then again, authentic is a mighty loaded word, so let’s just settle on honest. Finger plays it honest, with a cadence and expressive flair unbothered by plain virtuosity. Not too Windham Hill either. Big thanks to David H for putting this one on my plate. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Release Information
Year: 1973.
Country: Germany + USA.
Label: Kicking Mule.
A1 Blues For The Rhine 3:00
A2 Rattlesnake Shake 1:46
A3 Newborn Yet To Come 2:23
A4 The Fox Hunt 1:32
A5 Homecoming 1:25
A6 Dancing In The Streets 2:05
A7 Barn Dance 1:48
A8 Night Falls While The Day Breaks 3:58

B1 Told You So 2:11
B2 Desert Trot 3:09
B3 Tribute To Jellyroll Baker 1:20
B4 Karen's Blues 2:00
B5 Second Love 3:02
B6 Hard Road To The Left 1:58
B7 Transeuropean Express 1:55
B8 Don't Cry For You Baby 2:40
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  1. glown says:

    super. look forward to this. thanks! great blog!

  2. musique says:

    “honest” is a good word for playing an instrument, your post made me smile 🙂

  3. Great share, many thanks!
    Finger’s “Acoustic Rock Guitar” is fascinating, looking forward to this album.

  4. Anonymous says:

    many thanks! this was the first Kicking Mule lp I ever bought, and it’s held up pretty well. Ever come across any Ton von Bergeyk? keep up the good stuff

  5. Barron says:

    Thank you very much! More Kicking Mule, please?

  6. HMPZ says:

    Seeing Fahey mentioned always strikes a bell with me. Looking forward to this one. Thank you!

  7. rsmclaughlin says:

    Hi, nicholab, thanks for all the great rips and insightful descriptions! I know you’re working on re-ups, any chance you could give this album the mediafire treatment?

    PS: Glad you’re teaming up with Jason Urick on the posts, namely the Francis Bebey. He was my favorite record store guru when we both lived on the East Coast!

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