Monty Reynolds and His Silver Seas Orchestra - All Jamaican Calypso: Series 5

It wasn’t uncommon for golden-age mento records to find themselves misleadingly marketed as “Jamaican Calpyso” in the interest of buttressing Stateside sales. This album was released as the fifth volume in a 10″ mento series by Motta’s Recording Studio in 1957. Some of you might recognize two of these irreverent Monty Reynolds classics from V2 records’ excellent Mento Madness collection. Fun Stuff! A much-needed dose of sunshine at the tail end of this long, grey winter.

Release Information
Year: 1957.
Country: Jamaica .
Label: Motta's.
A1 Not Me
A2 Long Time Gal I Never See You
A3 Caroline
A4 Wrong Man

B1 Car Park
B2 Go Slow
B3 Pen Pal
B4 Me Dog Can't Bark
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