Mestre Geraldo e Sua Bateria - Batucada Genial

Four choice Brazilian batucada misturas (meaning ‘mixtures’) from Mestre Geraldo & Co. Apparently, this 1977 release on the Oba label was reissued from a 1975 album called Brasil Batuque – Isto É Que É Batucada Vol. 2. I’ve been especially digging the Geraldo group’s penchant for coolly meditative rhythmic swirls. Their soft touch lends dynamism to the ensemble’s fuller, more uptempo turns. But even then, the vibe never even gets close to bombastic. Deep grooves. Really feeling this record.

Release Information
Year: 1977.
Country: Brasil.
Label: Oba.
Side A
Mistura No. 1
Mistura No. 2

Side B
Mistura No. 3
Mistura No. 4
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  1. ooLoNG says:

    Amazing!!!! Glad Your Around…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is awesome, thank you! MB

  3. øשlqæda says:

    this some smoove batucodfish, friend

  4. Grand-Bazaar says:

    This is Hot Sauce – cheers to you

  5. Flash Strap says:

    Yer making my day with this. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

  6. D. Klein says:

    this is so very good.

  7. Holly says:

    Very, very cool.. Thank you, Nick!

  8. musique says:

    Very techno! 🙂

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