Les Petits Chanteurs-Danseurs de Kenge - La Vie En Brousse / Young Congo Sings

A Dutch Catholic missionary, Bernard van Der Boom arranged and directed this choir of about 70 Congolese schoolboys from the Kenge area in the mid 1960s. While I’m assuming that this sort of African chorus is something of a colonial relic, the hypnotic musical result certainly resonates with the charm and energy of youth. I’ve found very little in the way of actual biography for van Der Boom or Les Petits Chanteurs. Would love to get some more education here. Thanks to David H for lending me this excellent record. Year unknown. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

Release Information
Year: Unknown.
Country: Congo + Holland (label).
Label: Philips.
1. Elé Elé Mamiami - Male Kulipopo 3:21
2. Mwana Nkento 1:41
3. Imbie Imbie - Ya Ngo, Ya Ngo - Ukwenda-Tukwenda - Eh Mbisi Eto 5:33
4. Nkanda Ukambulula - Nguba zi Mama - Ankak-Ankak Petsom - Tata Mitondue 5:45
5. Mama Butidi Bana Bole - Ngudi Tsimba - Tutu-Tutu 5:37
6. Ayi Komema - Mono Kivonga 4:11
7. Meli Bamutoba 1:43
8. Tse-Tse Kadinga - O Matika - E Yambole - Nzeka Nzenzele 6:46
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  1. øשlqæda says:

    beautiful shtuff. merci

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thaanks, its beautiful. gonna help me swallow the dream i will dive into in the next hour thanks to my Benazodiazepineesta. (Medical prescription not recreacional use, cause im not a yonki.)

    Your blog is the beeest!

    José OSvaldo

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi, could you please fix the links to the Françoise Hardy album? Thank you very much!


  4. billychisembwa says:

    Hiya, I’d really love to hear this, is there any chance it could be reposted? the multiupload is gone! thanks for the work on the blog, is fantastic!

  5. joejoe says:

    i’d also like to humbly request a re-up. 🙂 thanks

  6. billychisembwa says:

    !!!!! can’t want to hear this….i am SO HAPPY. thanks very much my man

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