Lennie Hibbert - More Creation

Hibbert was born in Mavis Bank, Jamaica in 1928. At the age of eight he began attending the Alpha School, where he joined the school band as a drummer. He left the school in 1944 and played in several small orchestras before joining the Military Band in 1946. While with the Military Band he taught himself to play the vibraphone. In 1955 he returned to Alpha as bandmaster,[2] his students including Floyd Lloyd and Vin Gordon. He worked as a live musician in jazz groups in the 1960s, and frequently worked with the Sound Dimension band, recording some of the best-known riddims for Clement “Coxsone” Dodd. (Wikipedia)

Lennie Hibbert is one smooth operator. Dude is a weekend bbq favorite, and then some, around my way. More Creation is his second long-player outing for Studio One in 1971. Here’s the first. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Dig it!

Release Information
Year: 1971.
Country: Jamaica .
Label: Studio One.
Side A
1. Chinese Beauty
2. Tumble Down
3. Don't Blame Me
4. Gaiety
5. Snow Bird
6. More Creation

Side B
1. Moonlight Becomes You
2. Go For Yourself
3. Reggae Rub A Dub
4. Bigger Bredda
5. Can't Take My Mind Off You
6. Montego Rock
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  1. Anonymous says:

    So good! Thank you.

  2. Flash Strap says:

    Oh thank you man! My only copy of this was pure trash. Love the first Creation more than almost anything.

    Be well my fellow “cooking blog” operator

  3. Anonymous says:

    one of the unsung instrumental discs from the era…thanks

  4. Mr Tear says:

    Thanks Nic, beautiful stuff thats always gonna be a hit at any decent bbq.

  5. Bill says:

    Only just discovered “Creation” and Lennie Hibbert, so REALLY looking forward to this! Thamks for sharing.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous stuff. Thanks so much.

  7. icastico says:

    Nice one.

    Some blatant self-promo

    New aboombong out now.

  8. Holly says:

    This completely & utterly kicks a**. Thank you, Nick.

  9. Dan Leo says:

    Whoah! Thanks so much — have his first one, but didn’t have this! You rock.

  10. dukester says:

    thanx for everything, nicky – it’s always fun to come back to your blog.
    here’s something from your “wanna hear”-list (windies 2 & 3, i checked the links recently):

  11. mafu says:

    mmm this is sweet ear honey muchos gracias

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