Jermain Tamraz - Memory Lane

Holy wow! I’ve been holding out years now for even a passable rip of Memory Lane; Assyrian singer Jermain Tamraz’s astonishing early hits collection. Well, last night, an anonymous reader laid a primo 320 vinyl rip in the comments section of an older Tamraz post. What a gift! Eternal thanks to anonymous. Highest recommendation, folks. Enjoy.My next order of related business is to secure even a brief synopisis of Tamraz’s biography, career & discography. Any assistance with this would be deeply appreciated. Also, anyone know where might I find a copy of Tamraz’s name in Syriac script?

*Turns out “Moumita” is the name of the track with the “Unknown Title” from Sublime Frequencies’ I Remember Syria cd:

Release Information
Year: 198x.
Country: Assyria.
Label: Unknown.
1 Ley Ley
2 Moumita
3 Rakava
4 Doranie Savanie
5 Yema Attor
6 Prashita
7 Shimokh Khelia
8 Ta Patkhan Tarea Dvira
9 Kharabit Ninveh
10 Khaima Gerhcha, Khaima Bikhya
11 Doogle Shapireh
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  1. nicholab says:

    I’ve just noticed some kind of “redirect loop” that seems to be causing trouble with anonymous’ orig mediafire link. I am re-upping to multiupload right this second….

  2. colleen says:

    This is just tremendous. Thank you… and thanks to the ripper!

  3. mustafakuppa says:

    this is stunning. Thank you so much. I love your horizon-expanding blog.

  4. k s says:

    I just spent the first part of my Saturday morning enjoying this. And wow. I’m utterly enchanted with this.

    I seriously crave more from her.

  5. nicholab says:

    i am in more love with this everyday!

  6. Anonymous says:

    thank you!

  7. Flash Strap says:

    O wow. I loved the previous post’s droppings most dearly do I look forward to the majesty within this newness.

    Thanks to whoever. You’re a saint.

  8. Mini-Cinema says:

    Pure Addiction – Thanks

  9. Holt says:

    It’s a rare treat to hear this language in pop music.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The link to the ripped album doesn’t work. Can I please get the MP3’s somehow to this album?

  11. Anonymous says:

    my affection couldn’t be struck more intensely burning like a flame on the cold mountain top.
    there’s little making me as happy as merry melodies in a surprising fashion.


    kind regards

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