Guitar Slim Green (with Johnny and Shuggie Otis) - Guitar Slim Green's "Stone Down Blues"

“A great deal has been written about the blues and the people who sing them. Most enthusiasts are familiar with the names of Elmore james, Muddy Waters, Sonnyboy Williamson, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Little Walter, for these are the names of artists who have won wide recognition for their talents and their contributions not only to the blues, but to Rock & Roll as well.

However, one should be aware that there were others, some still around, that were equally as talented, but not as fortunate. All too often their contributions were quickly recognized, borrowed or stolen and the artists themselves ignored and forgotten. Such was almost the tragedy that occured with GUITAR SLIM GREEN…” (Cover notes)

I’ve said it before, the Boogie Blues aren’t generally my thing. I tend to be fairly selective. This 1970 Kent outing by Norman “Guitar Slim” Green is good & solid, though. Kept me steady rocking through a huge load of dishes tonight, with no complaints. (Well, aside from the dishes.) The back-up from Johnny and Shuggie Otis doesn’t hurt much, either. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Word.

Release Information
Year: 1970.
Country: USA.
Label: Kent.
1. Shake 'Em Up 2:11
2. Bumble Bee Blues 3:26
3. Make Love All Night 2:36
4. My Little Angel Child 3:57
5. 5th Street Alley Blues 3:13
6. Old Folks Boogie 2:13
7. This War Ain't Right 3:04
8. You Make Me Feel So Good 2:05
9. Big Fine Thing 2:48
10. Play On Little Girl 3:10
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Damn – this is good!

    Many thanks for taking the time – much lovely lovely music.

    Bright Moments,


  2. Holly says:

    “I love to see you shake’em up -it makes me feel so unnecessary”

    priceless! 🙂

    Whole lp is awesome, this is fabulous. Thank you, NIck!

  3. abbottdr says:

    Yes, loving it man. Agree with you about boogie blues, but also that this bucks the trend. Rad

  4. boogieman says:

    Any hope of a re-up?

    This album rarely turns up in the blogsphere and is not common in his original format.

  5. i’ll second beg the re-up! puh-lease!!?!

  6. please oh pretty please re-up! i beg! and thanks for all the other music. you RULE!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I third a re up


    – Shawn

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