Frankie Zhivago - The Age of Flying High

Honey smooth soul from Nassau with a chunk of influence from the Carribean (as the cover promises, reggay). You can hear a little Junakoo percussion too, but mostly just sweet funk guitar & creamy vocal harmonies. Frankie has a wonderful soft falsetto, & when he’s being tough, he seems to unearth a secret connection between Rodd Keith & Sammy Davis Jr…(Weirdo Records)

By request (sort of): Frankie Zhivago’s debut LP. A charming, oddball Bahamian reggae-soul outing backed by the great Boris Gardner Happening. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Sourced from the 2010 Superfly Records reissue.

Release Information
Year: 1976.
Country: Bahamas.
Label: Superfly.
A1 Flying High
A2 Unhappy Man
A3 All Around The World
A4 I'm Yours
A5 Someone Stole Your Love
A6 Hello Stranger
B1 Pretty Blue Eyes
B2 My Eyes Adore You
B3 Mr. Bogangles
B4 The Last Tear Drop Falls
B5 No Woman No Cry
B6 Someone Stole Your Love (Part 2)
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  1. øשlqæda says:

    toppa de mornin. thx + praises 4 thee upgrade

  2. The “reggay” version of Hello Stranger is just great! Thanks for this.

  3. Lothar Funk says:

    Wow, what a gem…thanks for sharing!

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