Fikret Kızılok - Fikret Kızılok

“Ace collection of singles by Turkish protest singer FIKRET KIZILOK much-beloved by young musicians in the underground scene in Turkey, but virtually unknown anywhere else! The fifteen tracks included here (all from 1970-1974) sport some heavy grooves (‘Leylim, Leylim,’ ‘Gözlerinden Bellidir,’ ‘Gün Ola Devran Döne,’ and the fuzz-guitar heavy ‘Koyverdin Gittin Beni’), but also tantalizes with moody, introspective musings in an Eastern vein (‘Akyin Vari, Akyin,’ ‘Haberin Var Mi’ and the sitar-laced ‘Köroglu Daglary’! Very highly recommended!” (Sounds of the Universe)

It’d be tough to overstate my love for the classic Kızılok. Turkish psych heaven. This 2005 collection from the World Psychedelia (bootleg) label stands as my very first Flac offering here at Ghostcapital. And to you Turkish speakers: the Flac conversion process (via xAct) totally mangled your umlats & cedillas. So sorry. Enjoy.

Release Information
Year: 2005.
Country: Turkey.
Label: World Psychedelia (South Korea).
1 Leylim, Leylim 3:55
2 Gözlerinden Bellidir 3:51
3 Gün Ola Devran Döne 2:58
4 Koyverdin Gittin Beni 2:57
5 Söyle Sazyım 2:37
6 Akyin Vari, Aykyin 5:44
7 Haberin Var Mı (Instrumental) 4:48
8 Köroğlu Dağları 4:08
9 Yumma Gözünü Kör Gibi 2:52
10 Bacın Önde, Ben Arkada 3:54
11 Anadoluyum 2:38
12 Güzel, Ne Güzel Olmuşsun 2:16
13 Haberin Var Mı 4:31
14 Vurulmuşum 3:11
15 Yağmur Olsam 2:26
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  1. Anonymous says:


    erkin koray – mechul singles & rarities


  2. this looks great thanks much!


  3. jb says:

    Very nice stuff … thanks

  4. CBlack says:

    Awesome album–deserves an immediate burn (for those of us stuck in old technologies).
    Many, many thanks.

  5. teapot47 says:

    Thanks. This is Fantastic, I love it. What the doctor ordered.

  6. Joel says:

    This guy is awesome.

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