Den Sorte Skole - Lektion III

Crate diggers: This here is the real deal. LEKTION III, the recently completed full-length “sample-marathon” from Copenhagen duo Den Sorte Skole, offers up a unique “journey through music history”, using more than 10,000 samples from more than 250 old vinyl rips and 51 countries on 6 continents. As it turns out, some of these samples even came from LPs they first discovered right here at Ghost Capital! What, what?! Also turns out that they couldn’t clear the legal hurdles to offer up this incredible 2-year effort for digital sale. Long story short: Dens Sorte Skole recently reached out to GC to help get the word out. Friends, its a sincere pleasure to inform you that Dens Sorte Skole have made Lektion III available for free download (donations accepted and ecouraged!) in both WAV and MP3 format, including a 40-page booklet in which all samples artists are described, as well as how they made the tracks. Bravo! Trust me, give this thing a listen, and go show these cats some love.



Release Information
Year: 2013.
Country: Denmark.
Label: Self Released.
Extensive track & samples info at Discogs
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  1. inkspillsinc says:

    I’m at a loss to even begin thinking about how anyone would go about making something this dense, and not even in an academic sense – it’s just fantastic song craft. Thanks for this, as always.

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