Chief Brigadier Olu Oni & His Marathon System - Juju-Marathon System Vol. 1

A heavy juju set from Chief Brigadier Oluoni – working here in a version of the style that’s much grittier than mainstream recordings you might know! The record features one “Juju Marathon System Jam” that spans the course of both sides – a very offbeat version of the juju groove that often has a spacey sound in the echo, and lots of weirdly-tuned guitar parts that give the recording a very dark edge – even in some of the brighter moments! Vocals have lots of odd echo too, and when they drop out, the guitar parts get even weirder – making for some especially great instrumental moments over the driving rhythms of the track (Dusty Groove)

Relentlessly off-kilter 70’s Nigerian Juju. 2011 Klimt LP reissue. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly.

Release Information
Year: 197x.
Country: Nigeria + France (label).
Label: Klimt (reissue).
A: Jam 1
B: Jam 2
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  1. Anonymous says:


    paul ngozi – the ghetto
    king george discovery – peace of mind

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank You,Love your rips and your taste in music!!

  3. Anonymous says:


    opika pende
    rangarang: pre-revolutionary iranian pop
    the original sound of cumbia

  4. this is beautifully twisted.

    On a somewhat related note, can you think of any juju records that sound like the live King Sunny Adé set from O.C. & Stiggs? I can’t get enough of that song, but most KSA material doesn’t have that groooove.

  5. Anonymous says:

    what has happened to ghost capital and holy warbles?
    been a long silence and non activity now…
    I totally understand if it’s because of being tired and exhausted…because the amount and speed of yr uploads are otherworldy and too good to be true.
    But if there is any other reason then I begin to worry…
    Hope the new year has treated everyone well and will continue to do so. Peace. K fro the north.

    My wishing list?
    More from T.k Ramamoorthy, Muluqen Melesse and muc more that I am not aware of at this moment but will love as soon as you present it for me…

  6. Anonymous says:

    This one originally came out on the Tabansi label. I have had an OG for 5 years+. Nice one!

  7. Hi! Is it possible to make this available again?

    Chief Brigadier Olu Oni & His Marathon System – Juju-Marathon System Vol. 1 (Nigeria, 197x + Klimt, 2011)

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