Bud Tutmarc - Sacred Hawaiian Melodies

“Whenever lovers of Sacred music think of Hawaiian-style melodies and electric steel guitars, they think of Sol Hoopii. Since that renknowned Hawaiian music-maker has been called to Heaven, his mantle seems to have fallen upon Bud Tutmarc, Seattle, Washington…and accomplished musician…a fervent Christian layman…Bud was a long-time friend of Sol Hoopii, and learned many of the great master’s techniques. He is at his best in this album, providing Hawaiian-style music that is both artistically beautiful and spiritually inspiring.” – Phil Kerr, back cover

“In 1942, Bud met the famous Hawaiian artist Sol Hoopii. They became close friends and appeared together often in public performances. Bud was present at the bedside at the time of Sol’s death where Sol willed his own personal instrument to Bud.” -back cover

Currently slowing my roll to these mellow “Hawaiian” electric relaxations from Bud Tutmarc & guitar. Perfect reverbs for this blue monday or a Sunday morning coming down. Sacred Hawaiian Melodies is one of a handful of rewarding Portland thrift scores made just last week. 320 vinyl rip by yours truly. Enjoy.

PS- THANK YOU so much for your helpful and encouraging donations, friends. Its been a boon in more ways that I can even say. For those of you who’ve lent some pennies, be on the lookout for a special snail mail thank you in the coming weeks. And for inquiring minds, it looks like I’m about a quarter of the way toward the most important upgrades; Turntable & Laptop, items which will doubtless serve to increase the quality and quantity of the uploads offered right here. You folks are really the best. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Jah bless….

Release Information
Year: 1960.
Country: USA.
Label: Sacred Productions.
Side A
1. My Beautiful King Of King (Hoopii)
2. In Love With The Lover Of My Soul (Kerr)
3. End Of The Trail (Hoopii)
4. He Hideth My Soul (Kirkpatrick)
5. After (Clarke)
6. When They Ring The Golden Bells (DeMarbelle)

Side B
1. Be Ready (Hoopii)
2. Hold My Hand (Main)
3. Nail Scarred Hand (McKinney)
4. One Master (Davidson)
5. No One Ever Cared (Weigle)
6. Melody Divine (Kerr)
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  1. buruno says:

    hey nick, I just donated my wage (suited with my income), wish you and GC the best!

    ps. I’ve added you on lastfm a couple of months ago, will you consider accepting? cheers!

  2. Flash Strap says:

    such exquisite loafin’ music

  3. Korla says:

    Lovely. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    another great post ghost! in case you were curious, the release date of this LP was 1959, per the Sacred Productions discography listed here: http://www.bsnpubs.com/word/sacred/sacred.html

    Best always!


  5. Ah, dude, posted March of this year and account suspended? any chance it could be reposted? Would be tremendously grateful…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Amazing post! This guys are genious. I would really appreciate if you can upload a lossless of this album.


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