V/A - Biet-Het Vol 1 : A Cheesy Trip Through the Dutch-Belgian Sixties Youth Provo and..Yes.. Eating Culture!

“Who ever listens through these thirty songs objectively will despair and ask: “What on earth went wrong with Dutch popular music after these unprecedented peak years?” (And let’s not forget the Belgian contributions to this compilation!) The pure, raw productions, the textual and musical originality and the amazing emotional charge of these records create a gap with contemporary Dutch music which, in meters, surpasses the boundaries of the universe easily. these are the young and passionate singing their hearts out! This CD contains the essence of all of Dutch society of the sixties. Who ever listens…will personally experience the sixties retroactively.” (Drs J. Pate, from the liner notes)

Hyperbole aside, this out of print CD comp of rocking Dutch-Belgian garage psych rave-ups is chock full of fuzzy freakbeat, goofy one-offs, a few sweet vegetables, and one righteous cover of the Kinks’ Don’t You Fret. It rules. Let’s just say its “Solid as a Rock!” Enjoy…

Release Information
Year: 1998.
Country: Netherlands.
Label: Distortions.
1. The Mokum Beat Five - Trouw Nooit (Never Marry) (Delta '66)
2. The Eurfians - Waaro (Imperial '66)
3. The Jokers - Zet Die TV Af! (That TV Sale!)
4. The Fallouts - De Vlieg (The Fly) (Funckler '66)
5. Peter J. Muller - Links De Kinks (Delta '66)
6. Bob Bouber - Ik Wil Me Donalduckie (I want me Donalduckie) (Phillips '68)
7. Eddy Dyan & The Saints - Lady Sex
8. Ronnie & The Ronnies - Daar In De Wildernis (There in the bush) (Delta '66)
9. NV Groep 65 - Tanger (Delta '66)
10. Ruud Knolraap & The Sweet Vegetable - Sperciebonen
11. Ernie Bender & The Robbins - Cleopatra (Phillips '66)
12. The Clungels - Dat Had Ik Nog Nooit Gedaan (That I had never done) (Artone '66)
13. Aart Brouwer - Hé Pssst (Phillips '63)
14. In Istanboel
15. Hardstikke Dood
16. Hugo De Groot - Ze Nemen Me Eindelijk Mee (the Dutch version of They're coming to take me away haha) (Havoc '66)
17. De Fouryo's - Surf-City (Decca '63)
18. Tony Light - Laat Me Gaan (Me lets go) (Atrone '68)
19. De Clichee-Mannetjes - Lekker Legbad (Nice Legbad) (Omega '66)
20. The Mokum Beat Five - Wat Scheel Je Nou (What squint-eyed you nou?) (Delta '66)
21. Het Pocomania - Peterselie (Parsley) (Fontanna '68)
22. The Eurfians - Opa's Beat (Imperial '66)
23. Ruud Knolraap & The Sweet Vegetable - Geurige Gouden Tinten (Fragrant gouden at)
24. The Sparklings - Ach Barst! (Ah go to hell) (CNR '66)
25. Het - Spat Niet Met Pap (Do not splash with porridge) (Fontana '66)
26. Freddy Scot & The Condors - Kom Maar Hier (RCA '64)
27. Peter J. Muller - Beter Langharig Dan Kortzichtig (Better long-haired than short-sighted) (Delta '66)
28. Johnny Lion - Wees Niet Bang (Phillips '66)
29. Ronnie Schutte - Ze Zegge (Them say) (Delta '66)
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  1. moos says:

    For an old Dutchie like myself this record is an absolute must !
    Some of the numbers bring back feelings of nostagia, you’ve got no idea,..marvelous, thanks a lot..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great comp-thanks,yet again GhostCapiTal

  3. Anonymous says:

    yes this is a must, and it was originally an album with dubbed in noises between the tracks. maybe if no one else can deliver it to you, I might in time do it. man I must get my house ready and buy a new pc and a new recordplayer. things go awfully slow….

    thanks (ratje toe) Richard

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks! I remember the existence of this one and had been curious about it. A nice surprise.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great record! Really had to laugh about some songs. Translation of the titles is horrible though, must have been Google translate or so.

  6. PabloPiccox says:

    great stuff!!!! thanks!!!

  7. LolaRadio says:

    Music is great fun and also great fun are the english translations of the songs. “What squint-eyed you nou” hahaha!! Translation must be: what is the matter with you.

    oke. quick run 2-waaro=where? / 4 zet die tv af =turn that tv off /10 sperciebonen = green beans / 15 hartstikke dood = very dead /18 laat me gaan = let me go / 19 lekker legbad = delicious bath / 22 opa’s beat = grandfathers beat / Geurige gouden tinten – fragrant golden dyes )colours_ / Spat niet met pap = don’t mess with porridge /26 kom maar hier – come here (in friendly mammer of speech) / 28 wees niet bang = dont be afraid / ze zegge = they say /

  8. kingpossum says:

    Great to see this one here. There are many other installments in this series on this label.

    And there is so much more…a blog could be dedicated solely to Dutch ‘Nederbeat’ and never run out of content.

    Thank you for the post.

  9. Your Ghostcapital III mixtape is one of my all-time favorite compilations, can`t stop listening to it. Tons of wonderful music… Thank you so much!

  10. colleen says:

    I have REALLY been enjoying this lately… Thanks a bunch!

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