Bello Atanda and His Apala Group - S/T

Studio recorded Yoruba rhythm LP with fantastic heavy-hitting drum tones. Deciphering the separate tracks on each side turned out to be a tall order, as they blend seamlessly. So, I’ve ripped and shared it as two tracks; “Side 1” & “Side 2.” Enjoy!

Release Information
Year: 1970.
Country: Nigeria.
Label: Iyanda Records Industry.
Side 1
1. Awole Mate
2. Mo tida Arogidigba
3. Ibikunle Baba Fatai
4. Egbe Owo koniran
5. Ile aiye fe pare
6. Baba bami se

Side 2
1. Ile aiye kanpa
2. Ohum to yeni loyeni
3. Baba nlo woro loju ere
4. Iba ati waiye ojo
5. young Drivers Lanlate
6. Adigbannaku nyin
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  1. aduna says:

    Congratulation. Your new site is beautiful.
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  2. aduna says:

    Congratulation. Your new site is beautiful.
    Many thanks.

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