Aidan Coughlan - Observe The Sky + Rhiannon

This blog is fast becoming a digital archive for the as-yet unreleased works of my friend Aidan Coughlan. These songs are all from the Brigg Fair years, 2005(?) in Harrisonburg, VA. Bedroom recordings, all the way.

Release Information
Year: 2005.
Country: USA.
Label: Self Released.
"Observe The Sky"
Bonny Kate
Canny Fettle
No other young girl
Observe the sky
Rest in peace
To you on the otherside

All down the waterside
Pull the Rider Down
Come tell to me
Wed to another
I know you're going to leave me
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  1. a. says:

    thanks for all the material from Aidan!

    I think Rhiannon is my favorite along with Sara Jane. I really like the fast and aggressive stuff. Do you have any more of Brigg Fair or Aidan of that period?

    BTW, based on what you shared here, i’ve created a RYM page for him:

    maybe you can add some details if you’d like.


  2. thanks for the Aidan C. re-ups!

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