Aidan Coughlan - III

Unreleased is more like it. This recently rediscovered collection of bedroom tracks is yet another reminder of what I see asthe near maddening brilliance ofAidan Coughlan. I’d imagine we all have that friend who’s seemingly boundless creative capabilities manage to shame and inspire you all at once. Well, Aidan is that friend for me. I don’t think I’ve heard better music anywhere than in a 5-person living room when someone hands Aidan the guitar. No hyperbole. Aidan writes songs that I swear I’ve heard before. They can kill me. I call it maddening because I just can’t seem to resign myself to his profound aversion to self-promotion. He’s just too great not to make it, but he is no doubt a serious hermit (and also now, a family-man), and maybe that is that. I am dating this collection at 2002, but that is a guess. He lived in Harrisonburg, VA at the time that he recorded this. I’m sure this will be an exciting find for all our friends & peoples from that time & place. Aidan & I have both since settled down in Portland, OR. I am still entertaining the hope that one day Aidan will be ready again to write & record more music. Hopefully some fans of this blog will enjoy this heretofore unknown morsel from one of Portland’s best kept secrets. Many thanks to Mr. Nicklaus Combs for pulling this one from the vaults. Even Aidan thought this was lost forever.

Release Information
Year: 2005.
Country: USA .
Label: Self-Released.
1. Intro
2. Wed to Another
3. Pull the Rider Down
4. Not So Long Ago
5. Until the fire consumes us all
6. I am your only son
7. They Sent a Girl to Comfort me
8. Morning Song
9. I am a machine
10. All Down the Waterside
11. Staines Morris
12. Oh my true Love
13. You don't love me anymore
14. All on another day
15. David's lamentation
16. Three Gold rings
17. The Seasons Round
18. Dame Durden
19. Untitled Piano Piece
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  1. thanks for figuring out the song titles!

  2. Bénédicte says:

    Thanks for all the good stuff you share!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You’re right: no hyperbole. I’m stunned.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank-you for sharing this music. So glad it wasn’t lost after all.

  5. Dm says:

    Wonderful. My stomach drops at the thought great music like this might be lost out there. Thanks for saving this one!

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