Admas - Sons of Ethiopia

Been vibing with this synth driven Ethiopian-American smooth groove combo out of 80s DC/Maryland. A rewardingly produced CTI-style instrumental funk set, with a fresh melodic sensibility. This private press niceness came on loan from my dude, Seoul Brother #1, Portland DJ extraordinaire. Thanks, Brov!

Release Information
Year: 1984.
Country: USA + Ethiopia.
Label: African Heritage Records.
Side A
1. Anchi Bale Game
2. Bahta's Highlife
3. Tez Alegn Yetintu

Side B
1. Kalatashe Waga
2. Wed Enate
3. Samba Shegitu
4. Astawesalehu
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  1. AllouJean says:

    beautiful album, indeed. May I repost it couple of months later into my blog about ethiopian music ?

  2. Holly says:

    Very cool, Nick, thank you! Filed next to Wicked Witch 😉

  3. Johnathan says:

    This is da shit, as they say. Thanks

  4. DubMe says:

    Nice discovery! Special album… thanks for sharing & spreading the knowledge…

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