Welcome to Ghostcapital.

This blog is an effort to share the love of rare, under-appreciated and oddball music of many kinds. I offer album rips, gratis- mostly from vinyl. Sometimes other stuff, too. If you have an issue with your music being here, then kindly let me know.

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase good albums from your favorite independent retailer. Real, brick & mortar record stores are truly where its at.

- Nick.

nick (at) ghostcapital org

Ghostcapital was created by Nicholas Barbery.
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Ghostcapital is the result of many passionate hours spent researching and archiving music that I love sharing with you. I wish that I could spend more time archiving these wonderful records and tapes, but of course bills need to paid, and this is something I can only do on the side for now.

Any donations received allow me to keep Ghostcapital online and spend more time finding music for you to listen to.

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